Mike Huckabee: Parents Show Their Power, Fight Back Against Critical Race Theory


Wouldn’t it be great if one day we could all look back on the insanity of 2020-21, slap our foreheads in unison and exclaim, “What were we thinking?”

At some point, this is going to happen with any number of things: shutting down the whole country, the refrain of “Russia Russia Russia,” defunding the police, erasing our southern border, thinking we can micromanage the climate, control of speech by Big Tech and on and on.

But one thing I’d really like this to happen with right away is CRT. I refer to the very racist, not to mention Marxist, critical race theory, especially now that we’ve discovered it’s being taught to our children in school. CRT has to die.

Ironically, if it hadn’t been for the lockdown, with so many kids forced to “attend” their classes long-distance, from home, parents might never have been exposed to the leftist trash their kids are being taught in school. And leftist teachers didn’t want them to know.

One tip-off, though, was the “anti-racism” agreement parents sometimes had to sign. On the surface, such a pledge doesn’t seem like a big deal — most parents in this day and age typically have strong feelings against racism — but “anti-racism” is not even close to being the same thing as being against racism.

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It’s actually being for racism, just against white people. Fortunately, parents of all races are getting “woke” (to borrow a turn of phrase) to exactly what it is, and how damaging it is.

And they are rejecting it.

Not just white parents but also black parents see the problems with teaching their children to see race first and to believe white people come from privilege and look down on them.

If you didn’t see it yesterday, check out this video that’s gone viral of a father and his little girl, both of whom are black, dismissing CRT as a bad thing. It’s wonderful. Watch these two, and you’ll see there’s still hope for this country.

Do you think America is waking up to the dangers of CRT?

About a month ago, the Carroll Independent School District in the Southlake area northwest of Dallas elected two new school board members who had come out strongly against critical race theory.

Three years ago, the district had reportedly embraced the teaching of CRT out of concerns that “institutional racism” needed to be eradicated. The left-wing indoctrination continued until parents finally took action and reclaimed their local schools. Tristan Justice at The Federalist has the details.

One of the newly elected board members, Cameron “Cam” Bryan, said his landslide win — 68 percent of the vote — was a mandate “to restore the district’s focus on academic excellence, not leftist politics.”

Justice’s piece mentions a new organization we’ve talked about, Parents Defending Education, which provides a network to support local efforts to rid schools of critical race theory.

The organization just completed a drive in Fairfax County, Virginia, after the superintendent of schools “shocked local parents and community members,” they wrote, “by sending out a biased and unscientific sham of a survey, stating that he plans to issue a new ‘Anti-Racism, Anti-Bias Curriculum Policy’ and revise the ‘Controversial Issues Policy’ that makes certain that teachers are fair and impartial when they discuss controversial issues in the classroom.”

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This survey had been prepared by the New York consulting firm Leadership Academy, which was paid $49,600 to write material “infused with the controversial and divisive ideology of critical race theory. There is no place for respondents to say that they reject this scheme.”

We brought you the original story of what was going in Fairfax County. Here are details on some of the 35 questions in the survey.

Proponents of CRT want black people to see a racist behind every tree. Oh, wait — even the trees are racist. Tristan Justice wrote a piece on this too.

But we’ve saved the latest news on the CRT front for last: In Loudon County, Virginia, parents have filed suit against the school board, alleging that it discriminates against students on the basis of their political beliefs and their race while also infringing on their right to free speech.

This violation of their rights is being done through the implementation of the board’s “Action Plan to Combat System Racism,” which it adopted a year ago.

Spencer Lindquist at The Federalist has more details on the plan. One aspect of it involves a “Student Equity Ambassador Program,” which excludes white students unless they identify themselves as “allies.” Not sure what that entails.

Parents there have formed a group called “Parents Against Critical Race Theory” and are being represented by the Liberty Justice Center, a national public-interest law firm that fights specifically for free speech.

Daniel Suhr, an attorney with the LJC, said the case has national significance: “Not only are Loudoun school leaders telling students what they can and can’t say, they are imposing controversial political views on students and punishing those who don’t agree.”

Asra Nomani, a vice president at Parents Defending Education, noted that this divisive ideology works to “turn students into snitches on each other.”

It’s interesting that two of these stories are in Virginia — specifically, affluent counties that are suburbs of Washington, D.C. Many, perhaps most, of the parents who live in these counties have high-paying government jobs and contracts. (As it happens, the two counties often trade places with each other as the #1 and #2 most affluent counties in the nation.)

So it’s heartening to know that many of them are rejecting the garbage that schools want to immerse their kids in. If these parents want to fight back, I’m optimistic for the rest of the country. Critical race theory needs to go the way of other “what were we thinking?” belief systems and fads, like EST, the Branch Davidians, Jonestown, eugenics, primal scream therapy and, of course, phrenology.

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