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Mom Can't Help Giggling in Heartwarming Video of Son Pumping Gas for the First Time Ever


Teaching kids and teenagers how to execute basic life skills can be one of the most rewarding parts of parenting — and sometimes the most frustrating, too.

But a kid needs to know how to cook, manage money, wash clothes, and complete a host of other day-to-day life skills that can only come from an adult taking enough interest in them to be a good teacher.

In the case of this chivalrous boy from Texas, he offered to pump gas for his mother so that she could stay inside the warm car on what was a cold winter day.

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The boy’s mother agreed to give him a whirl at the gas pump, and could not help giggling at her son’s first-time attempts to do it right.

“This was my son’s first time pumping gas,” she explained on the YouTube video.

“It was very cold that day and my son wanted to help me out by getting out in the cold instead of me.”

“That’s when I realized he had never been taught to pump gas.”

Do you remember the first time you pumped gas?

The teen, staring at the pump filled with unfamiliar buttons and options, was admittedly unsure what to do, but he was eager to learn.

There was no time like the present to forge ahead, which started with an understanding of how to pay before pumping fuel.

Holding his mother’s payment card, the young man learned the delicate timing of just how long to leave the card in the scanner before quickly taking it out.

The mother can be heard coaching her son on the precise card movement, telling him, “Put it in and out. Quickly!”

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With the pump nozzle inserted into the car’s fuel tank, the boy was confused when, at first, fuel did not seem to be pumping through.

His mother told him he had to indicate what type of fuel he wanted before the gas would flow — in this case, regular was all that was needed.

The most hilarious part of the video came about 0:50 seconds in, when the boy tried to hang up the gas hose. He tried several configurations of hanging it up, leaving his mother bursting into laughter.

Eventually, he figured it out, making a memorable moment for mom, who could not stop giggling.

“We did go back a few days later and he got it on the first try,” she added.

By now, the young gentleman who just wanted to help his mother is probably a gas-pumping pro.

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