MSNBC Doctor Admits Mask Wearing Is No Longer About Science and Now About Protecting Kids' Feelings


An expert in infectious diseases joined MSNBC on Tuesday to urge parents to wear masks, not because they’re vulnerable to the coronavirus, but so they can stand “in solidarity” with their masked children.

Never mind that forcing children to wear masks all day is borderline child abuse. Forget that there is no reason for vaccinated people to wear masks to fend off a virus that poses, per common sense, no threat.

It’s time to ignore the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which advises in favor of ditching the mask if you’re vaccinated, and simply play games, according to one so-called expert.

Dr. Nahid Bhadelia with the Boston University School of Medicine asked viewers who watched “Morning Joe” on Tuesday to mask up as a show of unity with the abused. Such an exercise would be one in theatrics, and that’s what Bhadelia proposed.

MSNBC host Willie Geist asked the Boston University infectious disease expert Tuesday about how families with children under the age of 12 should go about their lives in the coming months.

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“Could you just talk a little bit more about how families with younger children should be thinking about how they move around this summer?” Geist asked. “How whether or not they go inside and have dinner, whether or not they mix with other families, now that school is out and their pods start to break up and they’re exposed to camp and all those things.”

“How should those families be thinking about this summer?” Geist probed.

Bhadelia’s answer would blow the lid open on the post-vaccine coronavirus pandemic — exposing the entire spectacle as one big exercise in virtue signaling.

“So, the one thing that we’ve seen is that in communities where there’s high rates of vaccinations in adults, then transmission actually goes down in kids as well,” Bhadelia said, citing Israel as an area where vaccinated rates among adults are high.

Do you think it's OK to force small children to wear masks?

“The best things parents can do and communities can do is to increase adult vaccination,” she said.

Then, she said the answer is for vaccinated adults to “continue masking.”

“Parents may want to continue masking in solidarity until we get higher rates of community vaccination from that perspective. That’s the way I look at it,” she told MSNBC.

“I know I personally will continue to wear a mask during flu season and during long travels, particularly in crowded places,” she said.

“It’s not so much that I’m worried about the vaccine, it’s that it’s just helping us stay protected from all the rest of the respiratory viruses that we’ve seen go down this year as well.”

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Have people become so immune to government programming and leftist media manipulation that they’re simply playing along at this point? If not, that’s what Bhadelia asked them to do. She asked them to put on a mask for show.

We should cover the faces of young children — for no discernible reason — and then continue wearing masks as a show of “solidarity?” No thanks. This entire public health emergency has morphed into one giant opportunity for leftists to push forever masks while those with credentials and a willingness to help the media push its agenda go along while cherrypicking selective science.

Intelligent people who are tired of playing the game at schools, government buildings and retail shops can do one thing to bring about the end of this cruel epidemic in leftist theater: discard the mask — forever.

No person should wear a mask for “solidarity” purposes.

The U.S. is the country of the individual — and, depending on who you ask — is not the epicenter for groupthink. No person has to show pretend unity with their healthy children to appease faux scientists and the leftist activists who give them a platform.

The country is not a guinea pig for leftist causes and the reactions they might elicit from other adults, who might look on with approval — depending on their politics. If you’re vaccinated, throw away your mask. If your child is not vaccinated and is unmasked, congratulations. You’re putting that child first.

Certainly don’t cover their face and then yours in order to show “solidarity” with a political movement that never wants this nightmare to end.

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