'You Are Needed': Lila Rose Urges Pro-Life Bystanders to 'Get in the Fray' as Debut Book Drops


With President Joe Biden’s administration advancing a series of abortion-friendly policies, pro-life leaders like Lila Rose are working to inspire a generation to speak out in defense of the preborn.

Rose is the founder and president of Live Action, a national organization dedicated to educating people about the pro-life movement and exposing unscrupulous practices in the abortion industry through undercover exposés.

In her debut book, “Fighting for Life,” Rose continues her organization’s mission of advancing the pro-life cause by encouraging aspiring advocates to discover their unique gifts and use them in service of the movement.

Recognizing that the country is at a “crossroads” due to the current political situation, Rose said that her book is intended to “equip” the pro-life generation with the “inspiration” and “tools” they need to “get in the fray.”

“And the message of the book is: You are needed in this fight,” Rose told The Western Journal in an interview. “There are lives on the line.”

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Within his first month in office, Biden restored government funding to foreign abortion providers by rescinding the Mexico City policy. Then, last month, his administration announced that it had begun the process of restoring Title X funding to abortion vendors like Planned Parenthood.

Despite the current administration taking steps to uplift the abortion industry, however, the Live Action founder appeared optimistic about the pro-life movement’s future.

Rose went on to say that she believes there will be a “revolution in public opinion” about the abortion issue. Ironically, this opportunity for pro-lifers to create “political change” exists due to the Biden team’s policies.

“And I think the extremism that’s playing out politically from an administration that is totally supportive of the abortion industry … is going to backfire big time,” she said.

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“So I’m confident that we’ll see a revolution over the next couple of years in the pro-life fight and successes that maybe 10, 20 years ago, we wouldn’t even have thought were possible in our battle to completely abolish abortion.”

The pro-life leader also emphasized the irreplicable gifts each individual can contribute to the movement. A person’s past or what they do for a living is irrelevant — everyone has a role to play and the potential to make a difference in the fight to protect the nation’s most vulnerable people.

“I hope that people will gain inspiration and tools for how they can stand up in our culture at this particular time,” Rose said.

“When our nation is in the middle of so many battles, to make a difference, to save lives and to fight for the causes that matter the most.”

When it comes to influencing the culture about controversial issues, however, the activist acknowledged that there is often a lot of “hurt” surrounding a topic like abortion.

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“And it’s just a very traumatic thing; abortion is traumatic,” the pro-life advocate said.

“It’s devastating to women. We were made for nurture and love and belonging, not to destroy our own children.”

“That is so damaging to us physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually,” Rose said.

One message that Rose hopes aspiring advocates will take away from her book is that it is okay to feel “pain” upon learning about a form of injustice.

But she also wants readers to remember not to limit their activism to the “grief and heartbreak” that often accompanies the discovery of others’ suffering.

“Obviously, if we stop in the just, ‘Oh, it’s so overwhelming, that pain,’ then we’re not going to make it far,” she said.

“But the pain, I think, is a necessary starting place because it wakes us up. It wakes up from our everyday life.”

“I mean, we are sort of anesthetized to … we are anesthetized to abortion in this culture,” the pro-life leader said.

With no one around to witness the deaths of children killed by abortion, Rose noted that many people either ignore or are unaware that there are victims in need of someone to speak out for them.

“And so I talk about in my book about the importance of exposing the evil — showing the victim that is the child and, in any unpopular cause, rehumanizing the dehumanized victim,” Rose said.

“Which, in the fight for life against abortion, is the child. And how we can help do that. And how, by seeing that victim and how they’ve been dehumanized and ignored by society, we become inspired to fight for them.”

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Samantha Kamman is an associate staff writer for The Western Journal. She has been published in several media outlets, including Live Action News and the Washington Examiner.
Samantha Kamman is an associate staff writer for The Western Journal. She has been published in several media outlets, including Live Action News and the Washington Examiner.