New Household Invention Means You'll Never Have to Fold Laundry Again!


Remember the good old days when laundry day came and we were forced to fold our cleaned clothes? What a dreaded job that was.

Oh wait, we still find ourselves with that basket of clean clothes and that menial task waiting for us. I mean, clothes won’t fold themselves.

Or will they?

Things are about to change for the laundry world and our jobs at home are about to get a little bit easier. Welcome the Laundroid, the newest gadget to hit the biggest gadget show in the world, CES 2018.

Created by Japanese company Seven Dreamers Laboratories, CEO Shin Sakane was there to display the robot’s talents to more than 170,000 visitors.

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The Laundroid was set up in a mock living room to show how the robot would look in the home.

The robot is deceiving with its sleek design and mirrored finish. It looks like a beautiful piece of furniture, fitting into the decor — but of course it’s much more than a bookshelf.

Lurking underneath the streamlined exterior is real technology, though using the device is simple enough.

Throw your clean clothes into the bottom pull-out drawer, shut the drawer, and push a button. The clothes come out on a rack, nicely folded.

Is it magic? It sure seems like it, but inside two mechanical arms are at work. The arms begin by actually unfolding the clothes so that the computer software can recognize each type of clothing.

Once the clothing is recognized, each piece is measured and analyzed for accurate folding. There are certain things that the computer software looks for, including front and back of clothing, the collar location and which direction to fold.

And if all of that weren’t enough, the Laundroid can fold either by laundry type or family member! This amazing robot is WiFi connectable and comes with a downloadable app to track the folding progress.

Don’t get too excited though. At a price point of around $16,000, the Laundroid won’t be flying off the shelves just yet.

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“Yeah it is a little bit expensive at the beginning, it is $16,000 to start,” said Sakane at his display. But he is hoping that with more research and development, the cost will retail somewhere just under $2000.

There are a few bugs still to be worked out before the robot will grace every household. It takes close to five hours to complete one average load of laundry and it doesn’t fold socks. Or locate missing ones.

The Laundroid offers pretty advanced technology for completing such a menial, everyday job. But the real excitement is in the software.

Just think, robots folding laundry today might lead to robots cleaning the entire house tomorrow!

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