New Law Allows Pimps to Trigger Government Intervention if Their 'Workers' Refuse Too Many Clients


The push in Western countries to legalize and legitimize prostitution might be one of the most disgusting fallouts of the sexual revolution yet.

Perhaps the grotesque logic has been: If you were going to jump into bed with a bunch of strange guys anyway, why not get paid for it?

That, of course, ignores the desperation that drove most women into prostitution in the first place, the inherent degradation in selling your body, and the abuse most prostitutes have suffered at the hands of their pimps and clients.

However, Belgium clearly found the former rather than the latter arguments more compelling, since the country decriminalized the so-called world’s oldest profession in 2022, and now, have passed a law granting employment rights to prostitutes.

As reported in The Brussels Times, this new law passed in the Belgian Parliament on May 2, with 93 votes for, 33 abstentions from, and, astoundingly, no votes against.

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The law, aside from allowing prostitutes to ply their trade legally, granted “sex workers” access to social security, pensions, family benefits, health insurance, and maternity leave.

Moreover, the law has put in place many “protections” for prostitutes, including granting them the right to refuse a client for any reason.

However, this decent sounding stipulation has a sinister flip side — if a prostitute were to refuse to have sex with clients ten times in six months, as the U.K.’s The Telegraph explained, then government mediation services should be called by either the pimp or the prostitute.

Apparently the Belgian Parliament and the Utsopi (often stylized in all caps), Belgium’s “sex workers” union, inhabit a fairyland of a reality where no one ever used legal loopholes to perpetuate abuse against people dependent on them.

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Especially pimps, who, as everyone knows, have been renowned for their fair and compassionate treatment of the prostitutes in their employ.

Per The Brussels Times, while Daan Bauwens, head of the disreputable union who lobbied for this law in the first place, hailed it as ” a world first” that demonstrated that “Belgium is really demonstrating that it aims to protect sex workers, regardless of any moral judgements about the profession people may have,” others were decidedly less enthused.

As the Daily Caller reported, former prostitute turned anti-prostitution advocate Andrea Heinz expressed her dismay over this law on the social media platform X.

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“There is little chance this will (actually) favour women,” Heinz wrote on X. “Under legalization/full-decrim, pimps become ‘managers’ with the backing of the state to further entrench and maintain their power.

“Pimps see women they sell as products, not people deserving of full dignity & respect.”

She expressed her disbelief in regards to the “government mediator,” saying that “Someone to mediate pimp-victim ‘contracts’ ie – gently encourage women to get back in the brothel bed when they are ‘not fulfilling their [sexual] obligations’?! And this is somehow considered ‘progressive’ and ’empowering’ for women.”

Though this law was no doubt intended to “protect” and “empower” the women trapped in this profession, in reality, as Heinz noted, the law would only “empower” the pimps — already making money from these “transactions” — who have used and abused these women to force them to keep prostituting themselves.

And this, indeed, was the inevitable end game of liberal government and legalized prostitution.

When the only standard for sexual morality for years now has been “consent,” and people have increasingly seen their relationships as transactional anyway, then it would only be a matter of time until people decided the abusive industry of prostitution wasn’t actually that bad.

Thus far, radical leftist countries like Belgium have enshrined this deplorable profession in law, oblivious to how demeaning “sex work” truly is.

Prostitutes are not selling the work they do, as people do whenever they work an ordinary job.

Rather, like slaves, their body is what is being sold — and since human beings are soul and body, the exploitation of their bodies cannot be separated from the exploitation and degradation of the women themselves.

There was no empowerment of women here, just a demeaning industry that is now having the pimps and thugs at the head of it see increasing legal protection and power against the women they exploit.

But hasn’t this always been the case for far-left social movements?

The people they claim to want to empower, just end up being the ones exploited the most.

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