News Editor: 'I'm Not About To Let Weak, Fragile, Pansy Leftists Intimidate Me'


In another attempt to demonize President Donald Trump and his supporters, some on the left have attempted to draw a comparison between the white hoods of the KKK and the red Make America Great Again hats of Trump supporters. After the distorted, biased story about the students at Covington Catholic High School went viral, the voices of those trying to make that absurd connection grew louder.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of people fighting against this vile rhetoric.

Josh Manning, The Western Journal’s News Editor, has joined the battle.

“I’m not about to let weak, fragile, pansy leftists intimidate me,” he said.

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In a recent video, Manning outlined the attacks Trump, his supporters and the Catholic Covington teens. He pointed out how the establishment media has been complicit in the spread of the “fake news” about the boys, as well as the attack on Trump and his supporters by way of the MAGA hat rhetoric.

The establishment media’s attack on the right is being used to focus on the hat, instead of the Covington boys, which allows for a bit of a more indirect assault.

“First, it lets them keep defending themselves on Covington without actually running the video. ‘Well, we might not have gotten the story right, and those kids might not have misbehaved, but they were wearing those MAGA hats. And that’s really provoking on its own,'” he said.

“Second, there is nothing more associated with Trump than that cap,” Manning continued. “Not bags of money, not Melania, not even Trump’s hair. Nothing says ‘Trump’ like the ‘Make America Great Again’ cap.

Will the left's claims of MAGA hats being the new KKK hood prevent you from wearing one?

“Now the media knows that the attacks against Trump as a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, haven’t really worked. Half the country approves of him, his Hispanic approval rate is up 19 percent to nearly 50 percent, black unemployment is at historic lows and the economy’s roaring.

“So, if you can’t intimidate Trump, go after his supporters. Enter the great MAGA hat persecution of 2019,” Manning said.

Although we’ve seen some hate and violence directed at MAGA hat-wearers before, the level of hatred seems to be growing worse. Manning illustrated this point with some tweets and stories that have been posted in recent days.

“Why do Black people have to justify when and why they find something repugnant & offensive,” one Twitter user wrote. “Yes, the MAGA words & hat are repugnant & offensive to Black people. It is a contemporary update of the kkk hood.”

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He also showed examples of the very minorities supposedly harmed by the “new KKK hood” actually wearing MAGA hats, showing their support for Trump.

Manning said that anyone wearing a MAGA hat is deemed, by the left, to be any slur they can come up with. He noted that their efforts to publicly shame Trump supporters is an attempt to rally more support for themselves, as well as break the spirit of those they attack.

The left has seriously miscalculated. Most Americans, Manning pointed out, just dig in deeper when told what they can or cannot do.

While Manning admittedly is not a fan of wearing caps and did not previously own a MAGA hat, now he has ordered two of them.

Like many other Americans, he will not be bullied into shame or silence by the left.

While Patriot Depot did not request, sponsor, or inspire this story, it is a sister organization of The Western Journal. If you would like to purchase a MAGA hat, you can buy one here.

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