NFL Legend Terry Bradshaw Caught on Video Helping Complete Stranger in the Rain


It’s not every day that a celebrity goes out of his way to help a stranger. But Terry Bradshaw is just that kind of humble, down-to-earth person.

On Wednesday, he was at a Pack ‘N’ Mail in Gainesville, Texas, when the person parked in the car next to his couldn’t get his car to start.

According to Pack ‘N’ Mail employee Cindy Hurt Hammer — who filmed the interaction and posted it online — Bradshaw bought jumper cables from the store and went outside to offer his assistance.

It only took a minute, and when they succeeded and the stranger’s car started up, Bradshaw threw his arms in the air and yelled “touchdown!” before handing the man the jumper cables and going on his way.

“And this is why I’m a true Terry Bradshaw fan!!!!” Hammer captioned the video. “Super humble fella.”

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Hammer said the stranger had no idea who Bradshaw was, and the store employees had to break it to him.

“Wonder if that guy knows that he just got jumped off by a super bowl mvp and hall of famer!!” one person commented on the video.

“[H]e did not lol,” Hammer replied. “We told him.”

“They come in the store all the time,” Hammer said in another comment, referring to the Bradshaws. “I did a notary for them and this guy was outside needing a jump so they bought jumper cables from us and jumped him off then gave him the cables lol.

“He had no idea who was helping him until he came in the store to use the computer and we told him lmbo!! He him and his wife are such sweet humble people.”

Hammer also commented that she’d asked the family permission to share the video, and they’d given it.

“I would never want to show the Bradshaw family any disrespect so I wanted to make sure,” she wrote. “The world needs to see more people like this. He is a blessing To so many people and probably doesn’t even know it lol!!!! WE LOVE TERRY BRADSHAW!!!!!”

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The video drew comments from more fans and residents in the area who have had equally pleasant run-ins with the NFL legend and spoke of his faith or his kindness.

“He comes through our Car Wash quite often,” commented one person. “Can’t believe I would ever like a Steeler. His contributions to this community and his personality are special.”

“Terry Bradshaw is a cool down to earth man!” wrote another. “I have talked to him many of times since he lives here in Love County!! Not stuck up at all like most famous people.”

Bradshaw told E! that it was second nature to help out where he could.

“I didn’t think twice about helping him, and I was happy to do so,” he said.

“We’re all humans and it’s nice to be able to help one another out, especially during a time when things are so divisive in our country.”

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