Nightclub Assault Sends Woman to ER. She Realizes Dr. Treating Her was Attacker


The hospital is a safe place, a place to run in case of emergency situations. But for one woman, a visit to the hospital turned into a nightmare of abuse and a video captured it all.

Anastasia Dmitrieva was having a night out in Neryungri, Russia, when things went wrong. She was visiting a night club when a confrontation occurred.

A man, who was a stranger to Dmitrieva, attacked her. In an effort to document the attack and to receive treatment, she decided to make a stop at the hospital.

Dr. Vladimir Naumov was the medic working that evening and as Dmitrieva entered the examination room, she received the shock of her life. The doctor who was supposed to be there to help her, was in reality, her attacker!

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As the situation unfolded, a nurse smartly made the decision to begin video recording the encounter with her phone. What happened next was horrific.

The doctor immediately begins to lash out at Dmitrieva, striking her again and saying, “Many witnesses will prove that you were the first to attack me.”

He also threatened to send her to jail. As is often the case in these sorts of situations, his anger was only intensified by the video being taken — perhaps his own guilty conscience rearing its head.

The video is shocking as, at one point, Naumov lunges at Dmitrieva from across the small counter. Other staff begin to nervously talk to one another and try to block the camera.

The doctor insisted that, while at the night club, Dmitrieva had attacked a midwife with a group of other women.  He was attempting to protect the midwife.

He said that he was still hyped up from the evening when he saw Dmitrieva again, which is why he repeatedly lashed out at her.

“I couldn’t stand there and watch this massacre. Any man would have tried to stop such a fight,” said Naumov defending his actions. But his violent actions would not be tolerated.

If his story had been accurate, why would he continue to attack her when she was sitting quietly in a chair, far from the original situation?

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The whole thing seemed blown out of proportion and Naumov seemed to be making lame excuses for his inexcusable behavior.

Naumov was fired from his position at the hospital. He felt bitter over the termination and said that while he worked there he had saved many lives — as though that would make it okay for him to occasionally hurt people who crossed his path.

The quick thinking of one nurse helped to remove a violent attacker from the public. The video evidence didn’t lie.

Hopefully Dmitrieva was able to recover from her two ugly encounters with a man who clearly needs help controlling his anger.

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