NFL's Odell Beckham Jr. Gets Diamond Crucifixes Implanted on Teeth


He’s probably the flashiest player in the National Football League. Yet in his four seasons in New York, he’s only played a full 16 games once.

He’s reportedly about to get a huge contract extension. But the Giants have only made the postseason once over his career — and in that playoff loss, he was invisible — except when he was dropping passes.

Yes, Odell Beckham Jr. is perhaps the most lightning rod-like player in the league. And so far during training camp, he looks a lot like the two-time Pro Bowler, with no sign of last season’s broken ankle.

That’s not to say OBJ is only drawing attention on the field.

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Yes, that’s right, OBJ has had two diamond crosses implanted on his teeth!

Two teeth, so many questions.

Like, “How much did this cost?”

According to Beckham, the price tag was a cool $5k. If you or a loved one has had braces, you could make the argument that $5 thousand isn’t totally crazy.

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The next obvious question is, “How in the world does one go about implanting something onto a tooth?” As Beckham’s dentist told, it’s all about practice.

“I got my ceramist to make a porcelain veneer that looked just like his tooth,” New York dentist Dr. Lee Gause said. “And then, on that porcelain veneer, I got a diamond cross made from Odell’s jeweler that he actually made on a 3D rendering that I printed and sent to his shop.”

Perhaps given Beckham Jr.’s flamboyance, we shouldn’t be surprised, and who are we to tell him what to spend his money on.

Especially when he’s due to make around $8.5 million this season, and both Giants ownership and Beckham have expressed confidence that an extension will be done soon.

But … implants on his teeth? Wouldn’t you feel strange digging into some ribs or a steak, hoping that none of the diamonds on your teeth don’t fall out?

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And as a football player, OBJ is wearing a mouthguard most of the time, so doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

On another attention-grabbing effort, Beckham unveiled his new Nike cleats as well.

We’ll hope that his fans emulate the shoes, and not the teeth.

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