Boxing Controversy Erupts: Did This 'Knockout' Punch Actually Land?


We think boxing is still a step up from WWE, but at times, it’s hard to tell the difference. Take this weekend’s “bout” between Stevie Ongen Ferdinandus and Tim Tszyu.

You may notice the quotation marks around the word bout, and there’s good reason.

Tszyu defended his WBC Asian Boxing Council Continental belt with a first-round knockout. But calling this a “knockout” might be a bit of a stretch.

To be knocked out, a fighter has to have been hit by a punch. We’re not sure if that was actually the case here.

The alleged punch by Tszyu comes at about the 1:20 mark, but it may take you a while to actually see it, because it sure looks like it missed.

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Ongen Ferdinandus is a veteran boxer who came in with an underwhelming record of 27-15. The 37-year-old super welterweight was likely scheduled as an easy opponent for the up-and-coming Tszyu, who improved to 10-0 in his young career.

But still, shouldn’t he at least take a real punch?

The announcer’s call was spot on: “Monumentally disappointing from Stevie Ferdinandus, who stayed down when he could have gotten up. And no one wins from the situation.”

Tszyu, the son of former world champion Kosta Tszyu, insisted that he did indeed hit Ferdinandus, landing a blow on his opponent’s temple.

Nobody wants to throw shade on this young, promising fighter who doesn’t seem to have done anything wrong. But this one just doesn’t smell right.

As the analyst points out, “I knew Ferdinandus was in trouble when he jumped into the ring, and forgot to take his earrings out.”

When the analyst asks if the punch in question hit Ferdinandus, his partner answers, “If it hit him, it didn’t hit him hard.”

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Do you think this fight was fixed?
The other announcer made an educated guess, “I don’t think Stevie Ferdinandus will be invited back to the shores to contest a professional boxing match in the near future.”

Given the furor this apparent dive has caused, we’ll have to see if Ferdinandus actually receives his pay for what was supposed to be an honest day’s work.

It’s safe to say there won’t be a rematch.

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