Off-Duty Dallas Cop Beaten to Ground After Identifying Himself as Officer, Trying To Disperse Crowd


It’s no longer safe for a cop to walk alone in Dallas.

It is a sign of the times we’re living in. The paradigm of police officers largely being viewed as humble and brave public servants has been turned on its head, even in unlikely places.

The left’s burning rebellion has empowered hordes of criminals and activists to cancel the lives, careers and authority of anyone at any time, especially police officers.

Two officers were shot in the head Monday during a routine traffic stop in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

One of the officers died Tuesday afternoon, KOTV-TV reported.

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Guarding a pawn shop from looters was fatal in St. Louis for retired cop David Dorn in June.

Four other officers also were shot in that city during the riots.

Since May 25, when left-wing activists began using the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody as a pretext to spread anti-police rhetoric, law enforcement officers have become social pariahs, with individual men and women in uniform expected to answer for centuries of apparently inconvenient history in streets and parking lots.

Not all of the attacks are part of some coordinated scheme, but the left’s message is clear: Cops are now public enemy No. 1.

Are you concerned about continued attacks on police officers?

Democrat-, corporate- and media-endorsed lawlessness and rhetoric are inspiring escalating and senseless acts of violence against law enforcement officers.

The proliferation of anti-police sentiment is sparing no officer and no place, and not even red-state cops are safe from becoming potential victims.

WFAA-TV reported that a plainclothes Dallas police officer was working as a courtesy officer at an apartment complex on the city’s north side when he found that out the hard way.

The officer, who has not been named by the department, received a call last Thursday about a group of people congregated at a closed swimming pool.

He asked them to leave, and in response, he was attacked from behind and beaten unconscious by a group of men — and that was after he identified himself as a police officer.

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The Dallas Police Department released a few details about the attack.

“On June 25, 2020, at approximately 9:00 p.m., an off-duty Dallas Police Officer observed a disturbance at Allure North Dallas Apartments at 4300 Horizon North Parkway. The officer identified himself as a Dallas Police Officer and attempted to disperse a small crowd. As the officer was walking away he was assaulted by multiple individuals and fell to the ground,” the department wrote.

Dallas Police Association President Michael Mata spoke with WFAA about the attack on the officer.

He partially blamed it on “this idea that it is OK in today’s world to disobey authority.”

Mata also said the attack “only furthers the divide between police and the community we serve.”

The officer, thankfully, regained consciousness and phoned for help, but his cowardly attackers haven’t been arrested or identified.

But many more cowards are out there lurking, and they feel empowered by the rhetoric of a Marxist revolution.

That divide to which Mata refers is there, and it doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

WFAA reported some of the people who remained at the swimming pool around the time of the attack were “talking about Black Lives Matter.”

While that is just a report, it is another example of a connection between the group and the city’s police force.

The Dallas Police Department already experienced tragedy at the hands of Black Lives Matter in 2016, when 12 of its officers were shot and five of them killed by a man identifying himself with the movement.

But now, unlike in 2016, Black Lives Matter has the full endorsement of corporate America, Big Tech, a political party and sports leagues.

The left-wing political movement, along with its sponsors, other groups and elements of the Democratic Party, are waging a cultural civil war on all of our country’s institutions, and they are virtually unopposed.

The goons who are escalating the attacks on police officers no longer fear the threat of consequences.

Merely voicing resistance to their violence and rhetoric brings accusations of racism.

Conservatives are being routed in a battle for the heart of our country, and cops are facing the brunt of the violence.

It’s no longer safe for a cop to walk alone in Texas. Such a statement was once unthinkable, but it is emblematic of how successful the left has been at its messaging.

Who will the leftist mobs come for once they’ve run every decent and hard-working man and woman out of law enforcement?

It is something to contemplate as patriotic Americans come to grips with the harsh reality that, unless we step up and defend our republic and those who enforce its laws, we’re next.

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