Op-Ed: Iowa's Message to Bill Barr


What does the caucus chaos in Iowa teach us, and why should it be particularly important to Attorney General Bill Barr?

First, the chaos teaches us that the brains of Democratic liberal activists have been commandeered by red-hot passion and emotion. Logic, reason and calm have been banished.

These emotions are powerful. They are so powerful that liberal activists will lie, cheat, hide ballots, rig computers and literally do anything to secure victory for their preferred candidate.

How else can the chaos in Iowa be explained? For many years that process was orderly and sedate. It worked. Large numbers of people were not willing to cheat or stash away voting records. If their candidate lost they simply accepted that.

That is clearly no longer the case. Today, liberal activists are consumed by their emotions so thoroughly that they mimic deranged individuals.

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Think of a child who screams uncontrollably. He rants and raves and kicks over furniture. He is a terror — and one reason he is so bad is that he was not stopped at the beginning. He was never spanked when he first started screaming. So he learned that he could do anything — and get away with it.

That is what the left has learned in the past few years. They can break laws, spy on opposition candidates and destroy thousands of subpoenaed documents without any penalty. And having learned this, their conduct is now getting worse every year. Why not? There is no punishment.

This uncontrolled and furious emotion explains many things, and it is a dire warning for November.

Recall that in 2016 President Trump won Pennsylvania by about 40,000 votes. Now also recall that the vote total in Philadelphia alone was about 700,000 votes, mostly in very strong Democratic precincts.

Now, here is the dangerous part:

What do you think liberal activists in urban voting precincts will do if, during the evening of Nov. 3, 2020, they think Donald Trump is about to be re-elected and carry states with large urban voting centers?

Do you think they will calmly and sedately report their results? Or do you think they will pull an Iowa?

Will they hide ballots, erase computer files, possibly set tires on fire in the streets and do anything rather than stand by and watch President Trump be re-elected?

What do Iowa and Trump Derangement Syndrome teach us about liberal self-control?

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If it teaches us anything, it is that radical liberals are like screaming children. If you do not impose order on them when you can and show them that there are consequences for improper conduct, you will have a big mess on your hands later on.

So, Attorney General Barr, you have a choice. Start prosecutions now against those who tried to remove President Trump through their failed coup and show that illegal conduct carries penalties, or expect tires burning in the streets during the evening of Nov. 3.

For without penalties, the left will get even more violent, and the consequences will be terrible — too terrible even to contemplate.

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