Op-Ed: As Threat from China Grows, We Must Restore Our Military Honor to Meet the Challenge


The sentinels of our constitutional order are those who serve in our fighting forces. They’ve sworn an oath to defend our freedoms and liberties and are willing to sacrifice their lives for their fellow citizens.

Yet, with all the talk of coming conflict between the U.S. and its chief geopolitical rival China, there is growing concern that America is ill-prepared for the challenge. It’s certainly not because the Chinese Communist Party is an overwhelmingly impressive foe. Beijing steals most of its high-tech power from U.S. industry.

The problem, say critics, is that the U.S. military has gone woke.

One documented impact is not meeting enlistment quotas. And rather than military and civilian leadership taking responsibility for their failures to sign up America’s best and brightest, they say the problem is that the rising generation is too lazy, fearful and unfit. But as President John F. Kennedy showed, one of the crucial tasks of leadership is to inspire American youth; hence, one of his initiatives to guide them was the President’s Council on Physical Fitness.

Compare that to the current White House, which instead compelled military personnel to submit to failed and potentially dangerous mRNA vaccines. Instead of allowing for religious exemptions, the military cut loose thousands of its most devoted warriors.

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And then there’s an often overlooked but essential data point explaining why recruitment is so low: Our military and civilian leaders no longer win wars. And they seldom suffer any consequences for losing them.

Look at the generals and senior intelligence officials who failed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead of being held accountable for their incompetence, they’re rewarded with seats on the boards of defense contractors and other private entities.

Is it any wonder that parents who served their country are now discouraging their children from following in their footsteps? Who would entrust their loved ones to men and women whose main focus is not the field of battle before them but a lucrative post-military career?

In this context, it’s easy to see that wokeness is a symptom of a larger problem that afflicts not just our military and civilian leadership but American society as a whole — disdain for honor.

Is the U.S. military prepared to take on China?

The true threat to our great nation isn’t China or any other foreign foe. Rather, it’s our own establishment elites who have betrayed America for money, prestige and power, used not to deter and destroy external threats but to lord their position over their fellow Americans.

The U.S. military is a reflection of our society. All of us have a role to play in preserving our constitutional order. Remember that, as the Founders argued, the Constitution was written for a moral and religious people — that is, an honorable nation.

To demand accountability of our country, we have to assume responsibility for our communities, our families and, above all, ourselves.

It’s time we answer the call. Rise up, America. Our country — our honor — is at stake.

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