Open to Public: Massive Conference on Freedom to Feature Herman Cain, Kevin Sorbo, Candace Owens, John Stossel, Glenn Beck and Many, Many More Huge Names


This article was sponsored by FreedomFest.

FreedomFest, America’s largest conference devoted to liberty, begins next month in Las Vegas, with a stellar array of well-known keynote speakers and days of events that also cast light on little-known episodes highlighting the importance of freedom.

As noted on the FreedomFest website, this year’s theme is “The Wild West,” where the romantic image of personal freedom and opportunity often collides with a gritty reality of violence and lawlessness.

“Was the Wild West a time of liberty and opportunity? Or a time of anarchy and violence? Or both? We’ll visit this exciting theme at FreedomFest this year, explore the real history with experts, learn what are the ‘Wild Wests’ of today, plus how we can benefit from the positive lessons of the Old West,” the FreedomFest website says.

The event also features the Anthem Film Festival, whose subjects include the little-known Ukrainian version of the Holocaust known as the Holodomor, in which millions of people died during the 1930s under the collectivization policy of former Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

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FreedomFest offers an unrivaled collection of speakers, talking about issues of interest to all Americans.

For Americans trying to unravel how nominations for judges became part of a political game, former Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, assisted by Georgetown law professor Randy Barnett, will offer a presentation titled, “How the Judicial Nominating Process Has Become a Nominating Nightmare.”

The presentation will focus on how the nomination process has evolved, and how that has become a danger for the civil rights of all Americans.

Are our freedoms in danger?

Barnett, joined by Ilya Shapiro and Anastasia Boden, will separately present his review of the Supreme Court’s most recent term.

Candace Owens of Turning Point USA, who has supported efforts to encourage black Americans to break the chains of dependence that have linked them to the Democratic Party for generations, will offer a different perspective on the issue of race.

Her presentation is titled, “On the Other Side of Race: A View for the Future.”

Few issues are as vital to Americans as the economy, and few entities have as much influence as the Federal Reserve.

Former presidential candidate Herman Cain, who was considered for a post on the Fed’s board, will be joined by Stephen Moore, also considered for the Fed, to talk about how they would have changed America’s economic policies.

In an era of tax hikes proposed by Democrats to fund programs  like student debt relief and the Green New Deal, Cain and Moore will offer insight on real, substantive economic issues that impact all Americans.

Moore will also be part of a debate on President Donald Trump’s trade wars.

John Stossel, a resounding apostle of personal liberty, will talk about one of the central themes of the Wild West and the modern era — the battle between the encroachment of government and personal liberty — as well as the contradictions between free markets and government intervention.

FreedomFest will also have on display one of the rarest of all species — a Hollywood conservative.

Kevin Sorbo, who starred in the TV series “Hercules,” will present his new movie “Miracle in Texas” at the Anthem Film Festival, and address the event on its opening day.

Fans and critics of Trump will hear from a conservative who knows both sides — and the issues at stake in the future — as Glenn Beck of The Blaze speaks in a presentation titled, “Freedom v Socialism: Why America has Always Been Great.”

Fighting for liberty in Washington can be an uphill battle on the best of days.

FreedomFest will hear from Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, who has built a reputation as an uncompromising defender of personal liberty.

Other speakers include magician and author Penn Jillette, speaking on “The Magic of Liberty;” Lenore Skenazy, who will discuss the revolution in parenting that has crept into American society; and author Kevin Williamson, speaking on his book, “The Smallest Minority: Independent Thinking in the Age of Mob Politics.”

The full list of speakers is available at the FreedomFest website.

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