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Parents with 13 Sons Now Pregnant with Baby #14, Dad Making Gender Predictions


Back in 2014, the Schwandt family first made national headlines with their growing family of 11-going-on-12 kids.

But the most interesting part of their story, believe it or not, was not the size of the family, but the fact that all of their children were boys.

The birth of their 12th turned out to be no different, as they welcomed another baby boy to the family. “After the seventh, it kind of became a routine,” one of their sons said.

And not long after that, parents Jay and Kateri Schwandt were pregnant again with a 13th baby — a baby they’d said would be their last.

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The family hoped that their newest edition would be a baby girl. “Introducing a little girl to the family would certainly change things up,” dad Jay said before Baby 13’s arrival.

“I’ve got all the boy stuff a dad could ever imagine — sports, hunting,” he continued. “As long as we’re raising all these children it would be neat to see what the other end of the spectrum is like, maybe cheerleading and the father-daughter dance.”

But although the family hoped for their 13th to finally be a girl, they welcomed yet another boy that year. Now, the baby boy has just turned 2, and the proud parents are expecting again.

The family has decided to wait to find out the sex of their 14th baby until birth. And while the odds seem stacked against them, they are still holding out hope for a baby girl.

This time around, Jay still welcomes the prospect of having a girl, but with more hesitance than before. “I would love to have a girl, but I just don’t think it’s in the cards,” he said.

Do you think their 14th baby will finally be a girl?

The family said they can’t imagine their home without a baby in it, but that this time, this baby will really be their last. “It just feels like this is going to be it, and we’re going to enjoy every second of it,” Jay said.

Back before the birth of Baby 13, Kateri explained just how blessed she felt to have such a chaotic and wonderful family.

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“There’s a lot of activity, a lot of commotion, a lot of chaos, but there’s also a lot of love,” she beamed.

And even though so many children might become a financial or logistical burden to many, the Schwandt family knows they can handle it.

“We feel like we wouldn’t have this many children if we couldn’t handle it,” Jay said. “As long as they’re all healthy and there’s no red flags, it is what it is.”

“If you have three, it’s the same as having 10 at this point, if you ask me,” Kateri said. “It’s just more chaos, more noise. It’s nothing we’re not used to at this point.”

Hopefully, these proud parents will finally have the baby girl they’ve been waiting for. And even if they don’t, at least their 14th baby boy will be very well prepared with plenty of hand-me-downs from his older brothers.

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