Pelosi Finally Snaps, Reveals Outrageous Plan for Constitution

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will introduce legislation Friday to create a “Commission on Presidential Capacity,” which would invoke the 25th Amendment with regard to removing President Donald Trump from power.

Earlier on Thursday, the California Democrat stated her party would be talking about the amendment on Friday.

Now we know Democrats intend to try a new approach to purge Trump from office.

Pelosi was originally vague when speaking on the amendment early Thursday.

“Tomorrow, by the way, tomorrow, come here tomorrow,” Pelosi said during her weekly news conference. “We’re going to be talking about the 25th Amendment.”

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She reportedly has legislation drafted up and ready.

The legislation would create a commission “to help ensure effective and uninterrupted leadership in the highest office in the Executive Branch of government,” according to a media release obtained by NBC News.

CNN reporter Manu Raju shared an image of the news release on Twitter:

Pelosi’s latest attack on governmental norms comes as Trump continues to recover from the coronavirus, and shortly after he, in essence, took over negations with her and Democrats on a new coronavirus stimulus bill.

Trump, apparently feeling the ball is in the GOP’s court, said earlier this week talks with Pelosi would not resume until after the election, Axios reported.

Pelosi’s 25th amendment move apparently was initiated after Trump told Fox Business Network host Maria Bartiromo in a long and often lighthearted interview Thursday morning that he is essentially feeling great after contracting COVID-19.

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Trump also touched on the negations in the Fox Business interview, signaling the situation with negotiations is now more fluid.

The always unhinged Pelosi now has a news conference scheduled with Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland to reportedly begin a process to remove Trump from power by invoking the amendment.

Raskin, a Democrat, had already authored a bill to remove Trump using the 25th amendment less than 90 days after Trump’s inauguration in 2017.

That bill will be the basis for Pelosi’s latest act against the president, Politico reporter Kyle Cheney noted on Twitter.

It’s too late for Pelosi to run a second impeachment sham, so now she and Raskin have apparently cooked up another scheme against the president.

But with 26 days before the election, why is the House Speaker behaving so erratically?

Democrats sure aren’t acting like a party whose presidential nominee is supposedly ahead nationally in the polls by double digits with fewer than four weeks before the election.

In fact, Thursday was a big day for Republicans.

Sen. Kamala Harris put on a pitiful vice presidential debate performance against Vice President Mike Pence in Utah on Wednesday, and the fallout is huge.

Trump is now polling better in some states at this date than he was in 2016, according to RealClearPolitics.

A federal appeals court ruled against an extended deadline for counting absentee ballots in Wisconsin, CNBC reported.

Both Harris and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden have again refused to answer questions about packing the Supreme Court within the last 24 hours.

With all the good news for Trump and the GOP Thursday, it’s no wonder Pelosi is behaving so manically.

It’s almost as if Pelosi’s afraid Biden is headed for defeat next month.

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Johnathan "Kipp" Jones has worked as a reporter, an editor and a producer in radio, television and digital media. He is a proud husband and father.
Johnathan "Kipp" Jones has worked as an editor and producer in radio and television. He is a proud husband and father.