Pelosi Says Boebert Needs to Just 'Shut Up' About 13 Dead Service Members - Boebert Responds


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi chastised two Republicans who briefly interrupted President Joe Biden during his State of the Union Address.

Pelosi targeted Reps. Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene during a Thursday news conference.

“I think they should just shut up.”

Boebert shouted at Biden as he brought up deceased US service members, referencing the 13 Americans killed during operations at Kabul’s airport in Afghanistan.

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Sen. Lindsey Graham was caught on camera reacting to Boebert, with some speculating that Graham had voiced the words “shut up.”

Greene and Boebert also told Biden to complete the construction of former President Donald Trump’s border wall during his speech.

Did Boebert disrespect Biden?

Pelosi herself staged a theatrical interruption during one of Trump’s State of the Union addresses, ripping up an official text of Trump’s 2020 speech.

Boebert has declined to apologize for her outburst during Biden’s speech.

The outspoken congresswoman defied Pelosi’s demand in a Thursday tweet.

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Biden, speaking as an unpopular president who faces an electoral reckoning during the 2022 midterms, sought to strike a bipartisan tone during the speech.

The president referenced securing the border, a proposal largely unheard of in the Democratic Party since the 1990’s.

Biden also voiced support for “Made in America” manufacturing policies, in what sounded like an embrace of Trump’s ideas.

Critics of the president described his proposals as nothing more than hot air intended to assuage the concerns of the public.

Biden has devastated the American energy industry while opening the US border to a torrential stream of illegal aliens that breaks historical records.

Biden appeared in the House chamber without wearing a mask, despite frequently demanding their use.

However, the White House had ended its on-campus mask mandate over the weekend, and masks weren’t required.

Nearly a million Americans have died of the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic, in spite of the Democrat’s campaign promise to “shut down” the virus.

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