People Aren't Buying Jill Biden's Valentine's Day Photo of Joe Biden's 'Surprise' for Her


First lady Jill Biden’s photo of a Valentine’s Day “surprise” that President Joe Biden supposedly did for her is raising a lot of questions on social media.

On Tuesday, the first lady tweeted a photo of a table in the White House nicely laid out and ready for a Valentine’s Day dinner for her and the president, with the window behind it full of Valentine’s Day decorations celebrating the couple.

The caption read, “A Valentine’s Day tradition continues. Thank you for the surprise, Joe!”

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But many people on Twitter are simply not buying what the first lady tweeted. First, there were several people who wondered how it could be a surprise if it was a tradition that happens every year.

If this is a common thing that happens in the Biden family on Valentine’s Day, then there is no reason that the first lady should be surprised by it. Surprises are supposed to be new and unexpected — not old, well-known traditions.

Others took to Twitter to point out to the first lady and to others that it is more than likely that Joe Biden did not do this himself.

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Now, it may turn out that Biden did indeed plan this and set it up by himself. But, what’s important to note here is the fact that the public perception is that he is unable to do this himself.

The American people are not without a good reason to assume this. We have seen sign after sign that Joe Biden’s mental health is in serious decline. For instance, he often trips over his words or makes embarrassing gaffes during speeches.

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Other times, he completely forgets what he is trying to say or forgets the names of the people standing right next to him. He seemingly cannot make it through a single speech without making one — or several — of these errors.

Thus, it is no surprise that the American people think that a man who cannot make it through a speech without showing signs of mental decline is unable to put together this “surprise” for his wife. Biden’s mental health is in a questionable state, and he needs to have that looked into before things get any worse.

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