Photos: Hunter Biden in Corvette at Site of Classified Docs - The Timestamp Is Key


So many questions need to be answered regarding President Joe Biden’s classified documents scandal that it appears to be the gift that keeps on giving.

However, one of the primary concerns revolves around who had access to the stacks of documents, many of which are allegedly classified in nature. Some believe that Hunter Biden might have had access to at least one batch of said documents, and The Washington Free Beacon just surfaced a collection of photos that could strongly support that theory.

In photographs reportedly obtained from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, which is full of jaw-dropping, incriminating texts, emails, images, and videos that tell quite the story about the Biden family’s many questionable foreign business deals, there were four photos of Hunter Biden sitting in the same 1967 Corvette Stingray that was parked in the garage at President Biden’s Delaware residence — where one of the latest classified document batches was discovered.

The key to the photos is the timestamp embedded in the images’ metadata, which the Free Beacon reported were taken on July 30, 2017, at 6:49 p.m. The timestamp is everything, as that was the same year then-Vice President Biden left the White House, in January, and went back to his private life in Delaware.

The Beacon noted that the photos were taken outside his father’s Wilmington residence within a minute of each other. Two young girls can be seen sitting next to Hunter Biden in the Corvette, and their identities are unknown, though one appears to be his niece Natalie Biden.

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Nobody knows who took any classified documents to Biden’s office and private residence in the wake of his White House exit in 2017, or at least nobody is saying who it was. Still, we know that a pile of documents, some marked as classified, was discovered in the same garage where President Biden’s prized Corvette was parked.

RNC Research tweeted its opinion on the photos, saying what many are likely thinking about Hunter Biden’s access to the classified documents and their potential nefarious use.

“BREAKING: Photos unearthed by the @FreeBeacon show Hunter Biden driving his dad’s Corvette in 2017. That means Hunter — who has extensive business ties to communist China — likely had access to the garage where his dad hid classified documents,” RNC Research tweeted.

Bolstering the idea that the documents very well could have been in that garage and next to the Corvette at the same time Hunter was seen sitting in it is a recent CNN report from when the classified documents scandal hit the headlines last week.

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The CNN report, which at the time appeared to be running cover for the president by downplaying the first document discovery, told the story of then-Vice President Biden’s final days in the White House, going as far as excusing any messy document handling because his aides were scrambling to shut down his office.

CNN noted that those final days of Joe Biden’s time in the White House “made for a muddled and hurried process that left aides packing boxes of documents and papers late into the night, even as more material kept arriving.”

The Free Beacon described the photos of Hunter Biden in the Corvette as “the most concrete evidence to date that Hunter Biden had access to areas of Joe Biden’s home where the classified documents were stored.”

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However, it remains an allegation until further proof emerges.

Given the number of foreign business deals in which Hunter Biden was involved during his father’s time as vice president, especially deals involving communist China, asking questions regarding whether or not Hunter Biden had access should be fair game — given the national security implications alone.

For his part, President Biden’s classified documents scandal looks as though it could be one of the biggest thorns in his side since taking office, and that’s saying something, given all of the failures for which he can take credit.

Even worse for the 80-year-old, struggling president is that a vast majority of Americans, 64 percent — and a majority of Democrats, 52 percent — support an investigation into his classified documents scandal, according to The New York Post, citing data from a Yahoo News/YouGov poll. It’s never good when you lose the backing of one’s own party.

Only time will tell where this thing ultimately goes. Still, the Department of Justice has quite the situation to navigate in the coming weeks and months, and there’s no telling how the president’s document scandal and Hunter Biden’s ongoing federal investigation could eventually intertwine.

At this point, it’s difficult to rule out anything.

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