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Photos Proof of God's Beauty: California Declared Drought-Free After 7 Years


After a seven-year drought, the hills in southern California are clothed in wildflowers, bursting with color and teeming with butterflies, all pointing to the beauty and awe of God’s creation.

One glimpse at the super bloom happening this spring in Southern California is enough to marvel at the hand of the One who created it all.

In the Bible, Psalm 96:12 reads, “Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them; let all the trees of the forest sing for joy.”

After a long, difficult drought, the land of California is singing once again.

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God has brought rain and snow to the dying land, rejuvenating it to such a state of beauty that our hearts are able to hear the whispers and the shouts that God is creator, glorious and immeasurably good.

“For the first time since Dec. 20, 2011, California is free of drought,” Drought Center wrote on Twitter. “The state had experienced some form of drought for 376 consecutive weeks.”

Almost 40 years ago, as spring was reawakening the land in 1982, theologian John Piper explained why our hearts are so captivated by beauty.

“I do believe that deeply rooted in every human heart is a longing for beauty,” Piper said in a sermon published by Desiring God.

Why do we go to the Grand Canyon, the Boundary Waters, art exhibits, gardens? Why do we plant trees and flower beds? Why do we paint our inside walls? Why is it man and not the monkeys who decorated cave walls with pictures?”

“Why is it that in every tribe of humans ever known there has always been some form of art and craftsmanship that goes beyond mere utility?” Piper said.

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“Is it not because we long to behold and be a part of beauty?”

This spring, flocks of visitors are driving to see and savor the mountainous beauty in person.

Randy Solis, a patrol officer with the Riverside County Habitat Conservation Agency told KTLA that gazing upon the flower-dressed fields is “better than going to Disneyland.”

The fields are shouting the news that God is our creator and sustainer.  How do we know there is a God? Because he has revealed himself to us through his marvelous creation.

“There is in the human heart an unquenchable longing for beauty,” Piper said. “And I am persuaded that the reason it is there is because God is the ultimately Beautiful One and he made us to long for himself.”

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