What Are They Planning? Kamala Harris Attends Meeting of Shadowy Soros-Connected Group


Vice President Kamala Harris has been photographed at a convention for a shadowy leftist group with ties to billionaire financier and well-known progressive donor George Soros.

On Thursday, Fox News reported that the Twitter account for the union Call Center Workers United posted two photographs of the vice president speaking at a meeting hosted by Democracy Alliance in Washington D.C. called “Powering Up for Democracy.”

The Fox News report describes Democracy Alliance as a secretive group of wealthy Democratic donors who meet twice a year to lay out their agenda at events frequented by prominent left-wing politicians. One of the largest donors to the group is George Soros.

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Soros is well-known around the world for his radical left-wing beliefs. In July, he used Independence Day as an occasion to talk about the “threat” to democracy posed by Donald Trump, Republicans and conservative Supreme Court Justices.

Soros is also known for donating large sums of money to radical progressive candidates in American elections.

In November, a Soros-backed media outlet purchased a conservative radio station in Miami, which will probably lead to the silencing of a conservative media voice and the introduction of yet another leftist voice.

Harris’ attendance at this meeting of radical leftists raises an important question: What exactly is the left planning for America?

Do you think this organization has nefarious plans for America?

We really should not be surprised that the vice president was present at this event. Kamala Harris is known for her extremely left-wing political ideology.

Harris is an ardent and outspoken supporter of abortion. In 2021, the CEO of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, praised Harris for her pro-choice leanings and expressed excitement about her becoming vice president.

In 2020, while still a senator, she worked alongside radical leftist representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in drafting the “Climate Equity Act” which linked the “climate crisis” to the fight for “social justice.”

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In 2020, a Senate analysis group named Harris as the most liberal candidate, even more liberal than self-professed democratic socialist candidate Bernie Sanders.

So frankly, Kamala Harris’s presence at a meeting of radical leftists should surprise no one. The ideology she embraces and the company she keeps prove her to be a radical leftist.

Whether it’s abortion, the “Green New Deal” or racial justice, Kamala Harris will always stand firmly on the far left, abandoning all pretense of being a moderate.

She has a radical leftist plan for the future of America, and while she is not the president, with Joe Biden seemingly in cognitive decline, it often seems like she is the one in charge.

With Harris being floated as a possible Democratic candidate to replace Biden in 2024, her presence at a meeting of radical leftists should worry Americans, as it proves that she was to transform America according to a progressive agenda.

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