Police Department Receives Letter From Boy Thanking Them for Pulling Mom Over


Police officers in Fulshear, Texas, had quite the chuckle when reading a letter from an elementary school student. The student was brutally honest about his feelings on his mother’s driving.

Officers spent time with students at Huggins Elementary School during National Police Week in May.

Captain Mike McCoy said the department often receives letters of support during the week, written by students.

“We look forward to it every year,” McCoy said. Many of the letters contain drawings combined with thanking the police for all they do — including pulling their parents over for poor driving judgment.

“This one, obviously, stood out,” McCoy chuckled, referring to one letter in particular. The department was so tickled over the boy’s words, they couldn’t help but share the letter on social media.

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The opening line read, “Thank you for pulling my mom over because she deserved it because she took my phone away and I did not like it.” Also, mom had a tendency to brag about what a great driver she was.

“And it just annoys me,” the boy said of his mother’s bragging. But thanks to the Fulshear officers, this boy was able to taste the sweet satisfaction of his mother having to admit her perfect driving was subpar.

The boy named two instances his mother had been pulled over, the first for not displaying an EZ toll sticker on the window. The boy was delighted when mom admitted she’d been pulled over for that one.

“And I also remember that time when one of my mom’s back lights (sic) weren’t working and she got pulled over,” the letter continued.

The letter was signed, but the department did not identify the student responsible for the hilarious honesty.

This left mothers wondering, of course, which kid wrote it. “I know it wasn’t mine!” one parent joked online.

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Officers loved every word. “We all got a good laugh out of it so we decided to post it on Facebook,” McCoy said. They also posted on Twitter, “Love the (sometimes brutal) honesty of Elementary students.”

Leave it to kids to honestly point out their parent’s flaws. As for this kid, maybe he should look into becoming a traffic cop someday.

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