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These Were the Most Popular Names for Dogs & Cats in 2018


There are a lot of exciting things about welcoming a new animal into your home: buying new toys and treats, picking out the perfect collar, and finding the comfiest bed your local pet store has to offer.

One of the more weighty decisions you have to make, however, is what your new pet’s name will be. It’s a decision that will follow your fluffy companion wherever he or she may go and can be an insight into your pet’s personality.

While some try to remain unique with their pet’s name, others settle for easy but memorable names like “Fluffy” or “Kitty.”

According to Banfield Pet Hospital, one of the country’s largest veterinary networks, these are the top 10 cat and dog names of 2018:

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Top 10 Cat Names of 2018

Cats especially hold a lot of personality and sass, so it’s important that their name matches their quirks. These are the top 10 names for feline friends:

1. Luna

2. Bella

3. Kitty

4. Oliver

5. Shadow

6. Max

7. Charlie

8. Lucy

9. Tiger

10. Smokey

Cat and woman relaxing inside.
(Eri Tashiro / Getty Images)
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Top 10 Dog Names of 2018

Similar to cats, dogs’ personalities deserve a name that matches their big, fun, and playful personality. Here are the top 10 dogs names of 2018:

1. Bella

2. Max

3. Daisy

4. Charlie

5. Lucy

6. Buddy

7. Coco

8. Bailey

9. Luna

10. Rocky

Woman getting a kiss off her pet puppy dog. (Sally Anscombe / Getty Images)

A pet is often much more than a just a pet; they quickly become part of the family and picking the perfect name is just a part of that process.

So, we want to know: Did your pet’s name make the list?

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