Portland Dems Finally Fed Up with Rioters, Announce Plan to 'Hurt Them' Moving Forward


Following a brutal year of nightly riots, Portland, Oregon, is in a state of disarray.

The city’s situation is getting so dire that even Democrats are opening their eyes to the way leftist rioters are wreaking havoc in the community.

“Portland was a beautiful city,” former member of the Oregon Legislative Assembly Margaret Carter — a Democrat — reminisced, according to The New York Times. “Now you walk around and see all the graffiti, buildings being boarded up. I get sick to my stomach. And I get angry.”

Carter is not the only Democrat that is angry.

In a Friday news conference following a six-day state of emergency, Portland’s Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler said, “People are sick and they are tired of this criminal destruction.”

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Wheeler’s solution? He said that it is time to “unmask” these thugs in order to show them for what they really are: not activists, but criminals.

“They want to burn, they want to bash — like they did to the nonprofit Boys and Girls Club in Northeast Portland,” Wheeler said.

The mayor’s remarks follow a malicious left-wing riot on April 20 that did nearly $20,000 in damage to the window fixtures at the nonprofit location, which ironically caters to a 60 percent non-white community.

“These are not just attacks on windows. These are attacks on our community. These are attacks on the values of who we are,” Democratic prosecutor Mike Schmidt of Multnomah County said, according to The Times.

Do you think leftism is to blame for riots in Portland?

Even local Democrats cannot escape the fact that leftist rioters are destroying their city.

Perhaps Schmidt should not have been so lenient the first time around when he dismissed hundreds of rioters’ cases last summer.

Thankfully, Wheeler and Schmidt sound like they are beginning to regret the lack of control they asserted at the outset of the rioting.

Wheeler suggested that Portland’s district attorney should begin implementing tougher sentences and raising the bail prices for repeat offenders.

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Now assuring Portland residents that members of his office “will not tolerate” the rioting anymore, the Democratic mayor declared local officials will work to “take our city back.”

He took it one step further to say, “Let’s make it hurt them a little bit.”

It is about time criminals are held accountable for their actions.

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Olivia Brown is a writer and assignment editor for The Western Journal who has spent her professional career working in reporting and politics.
Olivia Brown is a writer and assignment editor for The Western Journal who has spent her professional career working in reporting and politics. She graduated magna cum laude from Arizona Christian University with a degree in communication and journalism and a double minor in political science and biblical studies. Olivia previously worked as a freelance writer and regional director for the Trump 2020 presidential campaign in Arizona.