Watch: Man Soothes Half-Blind Horse Trapped in Concrete Drain During Dangerous Rescue

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Meet Bod, a 16-year-old partially blind horse from Nonthaburi, Thailand, that was gleefully grazing for dinner in a field when she suddenly slipped and fell into a large hole in the ground.

Next thing she knew, Bod was encased in concrete and couldn’t move an inch, even if she tried.

Bod’s stumble had caused her to become trapped in a massive concrete drain concealed by a cracked cover.

The horse’s owner, Nittaya Limalai, 50, said that the horse may have not noticed the broken drainage cover because she is blind in her left eye, according to the Daily Mail.

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Nittaya gathered all her strength to free the middle-aged mare from the drain by herself, but to no avail.

The horse’s owner could not do it alone and was forced to search for help to save the frightened animal.

Nittaya called upon a local Thai animal rescue for assistance in the dangerous rescue mission.

In order to release the horse from its concrete confinement, brave volunteers skillfully maneuvered a drill, sledgehammer and excavator around the horse’s body.

Since the hole was five feet deep, Thai volunteers used the pneumatic drill and sledgehammer to widen the opening in the ground while the excavator cleared away the earth surrounding the drain in an attempt to make a walkway.

The distressed horse quivers as the noisy machinery moves closer and closer to her, but she doesn’t flail or struggle.

To ease the anxiety of the trembling horse, a young male volunteer clung to the animal as it shook with fear. He soothed the horse, patting her, to reassure her of her safety during the terrifying ordeal.

The rescue took an astounding three hours, and during that time the man gently held the horse as volunteers encircled Bod with power tools to break up the concrete.

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Once the volunteers had cleared enough of the earth surrounding Bod with the excavator, they attached the horse to a hoist. The strong sling that was linked to the digger carefully lifted Bod out of the concrete drain.

At last, Bod was free!

The daring rescue mission was caught on tape and the heartwarming video went viral.

If it were not for the valiant volunteers at local Thai animal rescue foundation, Bod may have never escaped from the deep hole.

According to the Rumble video description, Bod’s owner affirms, “Without them it could have been much worse and my horse might not have survived.”

Thanks to those caring volunteers, Bod was returned safely to her owner with no visible injuries and is probably quite happy to be home.

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Olivia Brown is a writer and assignment editor for The Western Journal who has spent her professional career working in reporting and politics.
Olivia Brown is a writer and assignment editor for The Western Journal who has spent her professional career working in reporting and politics. She graduated magna cum laude from Arizona Christian University with a degree in communication and journalism and a double minor in political science and biblical studies. Olivia previously worked as a freelance writer and regional director for the Trump 2020 presidential campaign in Arizona.