Postman Caught Stealing from Kids. 83 Opened Birthday Cards Found in Locker


It’s as easy as taking candy from a baby — at least that’s what Jordan Craig thought when he began his year-long crime-spree. The 30-year old postal worker did the unthinkable to a number of innocent victims.

While working for the Royal Mail in Norwich, Craig began holding back mail. He took envelopes that looked as if they contained money with birthday or holiday cards — and were addressed to children.

Craig pulled cards addressed with Master or Miss, and opened them to get at any gifts of money inside. He then hid the opened and damaged cards in his locker.

But soon, the company began to suspect something. His bosses at the post office decided to circulate ‘test packages’ to see if Craig would hold them back.

And sure enough, he took the bait and stole what they’d put inside. His employers had caught him red handed.

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As they searched his work locker, 83 envelopes and packages were found opened, damaged, and most importantly, empty.

The thieving postman continuously left his young victims wondering where their birthday cards and gifts had gone.

Craig told the staff that, after opening the cards, those without money would be posted if they were in good enough condition. But the 83 they’d found in his locker had been too damaged to post.

Craig admitted to four counts of theft and one count of opening mail.  It was a shameful act and seen as a “total breach of trust” on Craig’s part.

Gwen Williamson, the prosecutor for the Royal Mail said, “Clearly as a postman working for the Royal Mail there is a great deal of trust the items in the post will be delivered to the other end without interference.” Craig had to agree.

As he defended himself in court, he claimed that his financial problems had become too much with building medical bills.

While trying to support his partner who had mental health issues, he had been overwhelmed and decided his only option was to turn to theft.

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“I have let down the trust of the Royal Mail and the people that use it. I should never have done what I did. I now know there is help out there,” said Craig.

After he was released from his job, Craig offered to pay back investigation and legal costs — nearly $10,500 — by using funds from his pension.

The postman was suspended for 18 months and sentenced to 18 weeks of jail time. He was also ordered to pay nearly $6,300 and to provide 120 hours of unpaid work.

Maybe stealing from children wasn’t as easy at Craig thought it would be. He definitely owes some young victims a big apology.

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