Production of Conservative Actress' Action Figure Canceled, Proving Libs Don't Actually Approve of Strong Women


According to the left, boys and girls are no different.

Due to this strange belief, many progressive activists insist that girls and boys should play with all of the same toys. Choosing dolls for girls and action figures for boys is merely enforcing gender stereotypes upon them.

However, if this is what leftists truly want, why are they canceling Gina Carano’s action figure?

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Carano was fired recently from Disney Plus’ “The Mandalorian” show for posting a series of conservative messages on social media, which representatives at Disney claimed to be racially insensitive and antisemitic.

As it turns out, nothing Carano said or posted was antisemitic or bigoted in any way. She was merely voicing a conservative opinion, which, in the liberal hellscape of Hollywood, is certainly reason enough for termination.

The cancel culture wasn’t satisfied with merely having the actress fired from her job, however.

They had to go after the wildly popular toy based on her likeness as well.

Should Gina Carano have been fired?

According to a statement from the toy manufacturer Hasbro, which was obtained by Deadline, the Cara Dune action figure (featuring Carano’s likeness) has officially been discontinued.

“We’re thrilled to have the privilege of creating products featuring characters and stories from The Mandalorian for our fans. Hasbro has completed development of all season 1 and 2 product featuring Cara Dune, and there are no current plans to create more. We are actively working with our retail partners to address existing orders,” a Hasbro spokeswoman said.

The toys certainly weren’t canceled due to a lack of interest.

“The Star Wars Black Cara Dune figure was released in 2020 and sold out not long after the inventory was received,” a spokeswoman for BigBadToyStore told The Hollywood Reporter.

“Hasbro planned for another production run and we were accepting preorders from that production run. Due to recent events, Hasbro was no longer approved to produce any more of this figure.”

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This is a strange move, considering that the left is so insistent on having girls play with action figures so that they can aspire to be big and strong like boys.

A perfect example of this sentiment can be found in the online feminist publication Ms. Magazine.

“The main difference between dolls and action figures is that one overwhelmingly targets girls while the other mainly targets boys. It’s a marketing strategy built on the idea that boys and girls are expected to play differently, an arbitrary division that supports a culture in which gender inequality flourishes,” an article from Ms. Magazine read.

This idea is ridiculous, however, considering that social conditioning isn’t the reason why girls are typically assigned dolls and boys, action figures.

As it turns out, boys and girls play differently because of biological differences and these different styles of play lend themselves to different types of toys.

According to a 2017 Los Angeles Times Op-Ed authored by sex neurologist Debra Soh, “a large and long-standing body of research literature shows that toy preferences, for example, are innate, not socially constructed or shaped by parental feedback.”

“Most girls will gravitate toward socially interesting toys, like dolls, that help social and verbal abilities develop. Most boys will gravitate toward toys that are mechanically interesting, like cars and trucks, fostering visuo-spatial skills.”

Given their many unique articulations, action figures would also fall under this definition of “toys that are mechanically interesting.”

Putting that aside, for all intents and purposes, Gina Carano’s action figure could have been everything the left wants girls to aspire to.

A former MMA fighter, Carano is strong, her character is stoic and overall, she exemplifies many of the masculine qualities leftists want girls to universally aspire to.

However, as it turns out, Carano is actually a strong woman that thinks for herself. She’s brave, not just because she’s willing to get in a fistfight, but also because she’s willing to stand up for what she believes in — even if doing so may come at great personal cost.

What the cancelation of her action figure proves is that leftists don’t actually want strong, independent, free-thinking women for young girls to aspire to.

Instead, they want an army of mindless drones willing to carry out their progressive agenda without question.

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