Staged? Kavanaugh Protesters Seen Being Paid Cash, Say 3 Separate Doctors


While those of us who immerse ourselves in political issues have known for some time that the left pays its protesters to show up and and rouse the rabble, the rest of mainstream America may not.

The Senate Committee hearings presently taking place to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court have certainly been an eye-opening experience to three doctors from Texas who showed up to observe the process.

While waiting in line to attend the proceedings on Tuesday, the three doctors said, they were witness to just how the left has orchestrated the protests and chaos that has surrounded the hearings. They also said they saw money change hands and how people were encouraged to cause disruption to the extent of being arrested if need be.

Clearly the liberal agenda to upend the Kavanaugh hearings is to orchestrate as much chaos as possible to generate as much media attention as possible, even if people are arrested.

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Author and commentator Adam W. Schindler posted this video on his website of the doctor’s testimony about what they saw on Tuesday.

RealClearPolitics posted the transcripts of the doctor’s testimony:

“Hello, I’m Dr. Tom Schlueter from Texas, we came here to participate in the hearings, to get in the line,” one said.

Does it surprise you that protesters were reportedly being paid to disrupt the Kavanaugh hearings?

“One of the things was, there were people who had come along… who had a bag of money, and people would hand them a piece of paper, and then they would give them money. So we know money was exchanged for some of the people to be here, just to protest.

“There was no depth to what their understanding was or anything, they were just here to be a protester. They were actually told, we heard them say this and instruct them, ‘When you go in, we want you to yell, to scream, and even to possibly to get arrested.’ So that was some of the processes we saw happening…”

Another backed him up.

“Hey everybody, I’m Dr. Chris Dundas from Corpus Christi in Texas, we’re up here for these hearings. I gotta tell you, it was very sad. This is a very time-honored procedure and a process, and these young people (mostly young people, but some old people), they seem to have no heartfelt convictions about why they are here. If you have to pay somebody to protest, that’s a good tell… Being arrested and being proud of it. Some women came back from these hearings … and they seemed disappointed they were not arrested…”

And then there were three…

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“Good afternoon, I’m Doctor Morton Purvis from Arlington…

“I think the most telling thing was listening to them giving names and addresses and giving personal information, so when they were arrested… They were keeping a record of who it was that got arrested and who’d been carried off without any regard for any open discussion or even the possibility of having a varied opinion … or being convinced of anything. it was just for the purpose of disruption and to have some kind of disruption of the process.

“No honor, no respect. Just disruption of the process.”

In his website post, Schindler further detailed the protestors’ process:

“Not only were the Democrats in the Senate organized, the protestors who overran the public ticket line were also organized. You must give props to their persistence. But the demonstrators were paid by anti-Trump groups, as eyewitnesses can account for. I respect their right to pay people to exercise free speech. But make no mistake, these disruptive views are not representative at most of America. They are paid political operatives working at the direction of their superiors, not the people.

“Here are some pics of the activist leaders and their workers paying ‘protestors.’

If the doctors who spoke to Schindler are right about what they saw, this is a story America needs to hear.

To the best of my knowledge there were no stories from the liberal media how tea party activists were paid to show up to rallies held across the nation, protesting higher taxes, Obamacare, and various other issues of government overreach.

The doctors’ comments proved more than just the fact that protesters are paid. It’s proof of how hollow the liberal opposition to Kavanaugh’s confirmation really is.There is no deep understanding of why they are here or that they even care about what they are protesting against.

It is truly a sad commentary on the left.

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