Public High School Bans Police, Then People with AR-15 Show Up


The left’s destructive “defund the police” frenzy has backfired in spectacular fashion as unprecedented crime waves roil Democrat-run cities across the United States.

In the latest iteration, students at a Seattle public school were threatened by an armed duo toting an AR-15 rifle, KOMO-TV reported Wednesday.

The incident occurred Monday afternoon in the parking lot of Ingraham High School, according to a parent whose son witnessed the terrifying confrontation.

The father, who asked to remain anonymous, said a man and a girl drove up to four students in the parking lot. He started yelling at the kids and then threatened to kill them.

“The girl that was in the passenger seat, clicked in and loaded in a magazine into the AR-15,” the dad told KOMO.

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His son told him the girl handed the gun to the male driver, who then pointed it at the four frightened students.

“It was the middle of the day and somebody decided to, who knows,” the father said.

He said all parents should be angry that armed thugs freely roamed the school campus and threatened to kill four children.

“You should be outraged,” the father said. “You should be pissed out of your brain.”

Another parent told KOMO, “Hearing that kids are on the property with guns, I want to move my kid away from this region as quickly as possible.”

Amazingly, most students at the school and their parents were unaware of the incident until the following day, when Principal Martin Floe sent out a letter to parents.

In his letter Tuesday, Floe did not share many details about the menacing event.

“Around 2:45 p.m., students reported interacting with two people in a vehicle on the periphery of Ingraham property,” the principal wrote, according to KOMO. “The students also reported seeing a weapon, believed to be a firearm.

“The driver then briefly drove into the visitor parking lot on the west side of campus and then turned into the student parking lot. Neither of the occupants are believed to be Ingraham students.”

Floe said the school alerted the Seattle Police Department about the episode, which is currently under investigation. The principal then paid lip service to protecting students without specifying any actions he’s taking to ensure their safety.

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“We will continue to work to resolve this as the safety of our students, staff and school community is our top priority,” he said. “We have been, and will continue to be, a school community where everyone feels safe, respected, and engaged.”

Several parents said Floe’s letter left out key details about the confrontation, including that the car had returned to the parking lot a second time and that the school never went into lockdown.

Some parents told The Post Millennial on Wednesday that the Seattle Police Department was called because there were no security guards at the school.

Should school resource officers be put back on campus?

This is because Seattle Public Schools banned police who had served as school resource officers from campus for one year following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody in May 2020. A city government report in March said “there are no plans to restart this program.”

Erika Nagy, a parent at Ingraham High School, said students are being endangered because Seattle’s left-wing school district caved to Black Lives Matters’ false narrative demonizing all police as “racists” who are hunting down black people for no reason.

“Seattle Public Schools has become less and less about education and more about what’s the daily  ‘popular’ political view,” Nagy told the Post Millennial.

“Seattle public schools prioritizes a socialist narrative over the education and public safety of our children,” she said.

Nagy pointed out the farcical irony of anti-police school administrators calling the cops to protect them after they had chased law enforcement off the campus last year.

“The same taxpayer-funded ‘for the people’ institution that banned police because of false BLM narratives, had to call the police after armed trespassers entered school property at least twice,” she said.

This is one of many incidents around the country spotlighting how toxic left-wing policies are blowing up in everyone’s faces and eroding public safety.

In August, a squalid homeless camp took over the campus of a Seattle elementary school, where kindergartners were forced to walk in viewing range of street fights, drug addicts shooting up and prostitutes working the streets.

Similarly, violent crime has rocketed to unprecedented levels in many Democrat-controlled cities across the United States amid the left’s “defund the police” mania.

Sadly, the cascading, multipronged fallout of these dangerous liberal policies is just beginning to materialize.

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