Reba Shows Up at Rodeo. Hops on Horse, Shows off Barrel Racing Skills


It’s always interesting to learn of a well-known person’s hidden talents. When someone is a celebrity for one skill, it can be easy to forget that they probably have other pursuits as well.

And talent doesn’t have to be limited to one area: it seeps through into plenty of areas in life.

You may know Reba McEntire from her successful singing career; however, you may be unaware of how she got her start in the country music scene.

Before she reached superstardom, Reba was given the opportunity to sing an incredibly important song in 1974.

At the National Finals Rodeo of the same year, Reba sang our country’s National Anthem before a crowd who had not yet learned her name.

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Following a stunning performance, she met with some big names in the business and sang Dolly Parton’s “Joshua” to interested ears.

One could say that the rest is history. However, after all her accolades (a few Grammys included), she has not forgotten her humble beginnings.

This past December, she sang the Anthem at the 2017 National Finals Rodeo. Over 40 years removed from her first performance at this event, the emotion in her voice is still resounding.

Following this recent performance, she recounted her first experience at the Rodeo and how much it meant for her career. The video can be seen below.

Anthems are not the only thing that brings Reba around to a rodeo though. Her roots are ingrained in Rodeo competition.

Unlike some of today’s country superstars, Reba grew up as a true “country girl.” Both her father and grandfather were World Champion steer ropers and cowboys through and through.

As such, Reba grew up on horseback. Furthermore, her skills are not simply limited to galloping around the range — she could compete as well.

Recently, a video has resurfaced of a young Reba on horseback. In the video below, you can see her participating in the sport of barrel racing.

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This footage was taken at a rodeo that she hosted. Although she was not technically competing in this particular instance, the crowd was surely impressed and entertained by Reba’s hidden talent.

She showed pride in her roots when she hopped back on the horse so many years ago (pun intended).

And although her music still dazzles to this day, we can’t help but wonder if she can still barrel race like she did back then.

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