Report: Narrative on Christian School Shooting Shifts - Now Killer Did It Because Parents 'Couldn't Accept' Her?


One day after transgender mass murderer Audrey Hale shot and killed six people at a Christian school in Tennessee, corporate media outlets and harebrained leftists were blaming her religious parents for her horrific actions.

In the immediate wake of the horrific attack, which ended when police killed the shooter, the knee-jerk reaction of the left was to blame guns, Republicans and white people.

The latest narrative, however, shifted the blame from the perpetrator — a 28-year-old woman who identified as male — to her Christian parents, suggesting their religious beliefs traumatized Hale.

“Church coordinator Norma, 61, and her husband Ronald, 64, refused to let Hale — who had recently adopted the name Aiden and used he/him pronouns — dress as a man in their home,” the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported Tuesday, citing an anonymous source.

“Their religion does not allow them to accept homosexuality,” the source said, according to the report. “She was Audrey at home, but when she left the house she changed clothes. They did know about it. They just didn’t accept it.”

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The implication is that her parents’ refusal to embrace her gender confusion was the impetus for Hale’s murderous rampage, which snuffed out the lives of three 9-year-old children and three adults at The Covenant School in Nashville.

Transgender activists also blamed conservative Christians for the massacre that targeted Christians.

Eli Erlick claimed the “Nashville Covenant School is a right-wing institution in which Audrey Hale and many others were abused.”

Veronica Ripley tweeted, “A lot of things need to happen in the wake of this terrible Nashville tragedy, but certainly the conservative love affair with radical unregulated religious ‘schools’ should come to an end.”

Donald Trump Jr., the son of the 45th president, echoed the sentiment of numerous conservatives by tweeting a meme suggesting the establishment media pick and choose their narratives based on their warped liberal agenda, which lionizes transgenderism.

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Another Twitter user pointed out that Hale “was 28 years old living under the roof, protection and dime of the parents, sounds accepting to me.”

“She was an adult and could have moved out at any time. What the parents accept or don’t when you are an adult doesn’t matter at all and no excuse to go murder children.”

Many others expressed outrage at efforts to blame Hale’s parents and paint her as the victim.

At this point, the legacy media deserve the public contempt they receive for their warped, partisan propagandizing of reality.

It’s tragic enough that six people were murdered, but to trivialize their deaths by demonizing Christianity is truly evil.

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