In Repudiation of White Supremacy Narrative, Hispanic Voters Gave Florida to Trump


One surprise apparently to many Democrats and the establishment media was the strong showing for President Donald Trump among Latino voters, particularly in Florida.

It runs contrary to their narrative that Trump is a racist.

No matter how often the president has renounced white supremacy and governed in a way that lifts all Americans, you still had Joe Biden and media personalities like Fox News’ John Roberts and NBC host Savannah Guthrie linking him to white supremacy.

Trump has spent his entire presidency to date meeting with Americans from all backgrounds and engaging them on their issues, including many meetings with Latino groups in Florida and other states.

NBC News exit polling showed it paid off: 55 percent of Florida’s Cuban-American vote went for Trump. Thirty percent of Puerto Ricans also voted for him and an amazing 48 percent of those grouped into “other Latinos” backed him in the Sunshine State.

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Trump’s strong support among Latinos can be seen in the results for Miami-Dade County (approximately 70 percent Hispanic or Latino), where the president went from garnering 333,999 votes in 2016 to 532,409 this election.

Hillary Clinton carried the Democratic stronghold by nearly 30 percentage points in 2016, while Biden clung on to it by just over 7 percentage points, which was not what he needed to win the state overall.

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American, highlighted the significance tweeting, “That’s the future of the GOP.”

Cuban-Americans celebrated Trump’s strong showing in Miami’s Little Havana Tuesday night.

A Trump campaign ad released last month showing scenes from South Florida captures some of the excitement many Latinos had for Trump.

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The Spanish language ad, set to salsa music, promises the “la buena vida” (the good life), a good economy and then exhorts Latinos to “Hazlo por tu familia” (“Do it for your family”).

The president’s particularly strong support among Cuban- and Venezuelan-Americans is linked to his forceful stand against socialism.

“Our country will never be a socialist country,” Trump said a Miami rally for Venezuelan-Americans last year.

Cubans and Venezuelans fled to the U.S. to escape the oppressive socialist regimes in their native lands and have no interest in seeing it gain a foothold here.

Rubio highlighted the diversity of Trump’s Latino supporters at a rally near Miami on Sunday night.

The senator joked that maybe they could get the president to dance to salsa music instead of his traditional “YMCA” jig.

Rubio asked in Spanish where the Cubans were in the crowd, which drew loud cheers. There were similar reactions when the senator did the same for Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Colombians and those from the Dominican Republic.

Rubio culminated the roll call asking where the “Americanos” were, causing the audience to cheer and break out into chants of “USA! USA! USA!”

“This president has united tonight in one place, at one time people from all over the world, united by one thing: They are proud Americans!” Rubio said.

Apparently, none of these Latinos got the Democratic/media memo that Trump is a white supremacist, and their repudiation of the idea has to be terrifying to the Democratic machine.

Latinos just see him as a good leader who loves freedom and wants them to succeed.

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