Reuters Accidentally Voices Support for Foreign Interference in Elections


One of the globe’s largest news agencies covered the story of an illegal immigrant campaigning against President Donald Trump in Southern California, apparently forgetting the establishment media’s staunch opposition to foreign election interference.

Reuters spent significant time and energy on a video report last week about an illegal immigrant who is getting out the vote in her community ahead of the upcoming election.

The news agency published a video report on Wednesday that was shared online and disseminated to other news outlets about 24-year-old Maria Jose Rodriguez.

Rodriguez spends her time canvassing in the city of Coachella, California.

“Her immigration status means she can’t take part [in voting],” the agency’s Libby Hogan reported.

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“That’s not stopping her from her mission, though, to mobilize her community to get out and vote.”

Rodriguez told the wire service she feels “invisible” because of her immigration status, and also warned Trump not to underestimate the voices of those who are in the country illegally.

The entire report from Reuters’ Libby Hogan is really intended to pull at the hearts strings.

But it also demonstrates a liberal slant in Reuters’ reporting, which is too often portrayed as unbiased and objective.

In fact, Reuters boasts “freedom from bias.”

But it’s apparent from the report that Rodriguez enjoys the tacit support of those at the agency.

Technically, though, the young woman is engaging in foreign interference in an American election.

Looking at Reuters’ archived reporting of the Russian collusion hoax, you can plainly see the news agency has committed a lot of resources to that narrative.

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The wire service actually has an entire webpage called “Russia Investigation.”

Most of Reuters’ reporting on the subject is objective, but one of the establishment media’s tricks with regard to purveying false news is through story selection, and not always through false reporting of facts.

Agencies sometimes report what they want to and omit the rest.

Do you think Reuters would have used a different narrative if Rodriguez were campaigning for Trump?

Reuters has made a big deal out of the Democrats’ beloved and discredited Russia narrative, which is essentially a tall tale involving Trump and shadowy figures in Moscow.

But the Rodriguez story is reported with a sympathetic tone, and you get the feeling watching it that those at Reuters suddenly don’t mind foreign meddling in American elections, so long as the actor is part of a group that liberal-leaning people find appealing.

The left has a soft spot for illegal immigrants, and a blind spot for their potential to influence the country’s elections.

The Reuters report really makes you wonder if the tone of Hogan’s reporting would have been different if Rodriguez had been walking around with a lighter skin pigment, or if she had been stumping for Trump while speaking with a European accent.

We all know the answer to that.

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