Robbers Get a Midnight Surprise from Armed Cable Man


It may have started out like any other day for these two cable men. Most people usually do not start their workday thinking they might end up fighting for their life. After all, being a cable guy isn’t considered a dangerous job. But in today’s day and age, you can never take anything for granted.

It was a good thing that at least one of these men was prepared for what happened that day.

In North Houston, Texas, two cable technicians found themselves in an old-fashioned gunfight near midnight on Tuesday. As they were working in the area that evening, they were approached by some men, and at least one of them had a gun.

Before they knew what had happened one of the technicians had a gun pointed at his face and he heard a shot ring out.

“It was just real quick. We were expecting the worst,” the man told local news station WTVM.

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Luckily the technician was thinking ahead and avoided injury.

“As he shot off, I was already out of the way, because I was expecting to get shot at already,” he said.

“I went down to the ground and that’s when he put his knee on my back and hit me on my sides. I thought it was over. I was expecting to get shot anywhere in the back, or my head, really, the way he had me.”

Some may call it luck. Some may call it divine intervention. But those of us who support the second amendment may believe that it contributed to saving the lives of these men.

Were the lives of these two men saved by the second amendment?

One of the cable guys had a concealed handgun license.

As a gunfight ensued in the streets of north Houston, the technician shot one of the suspected robbers in the leg. Police were able to apprehend him, but the others got away.

Texas is one of 25 states that has passed some form of the “Stand Your Ground” law.

Under the guidelines of this law, anyone who believes they are in imminent danger of death or even bodily injury may use deadly force to protect themselves.

It was clear in this case that the robbers intended to harm and maybe even to kill as they fired a shot at the head of one of the technicians.

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Luckily it didn’t go that far, but the outcome of this incident could have resulted in the death of at least one innocent man, just doing his job, installing cable for the citizens of north Houston.

Because he was prepared to protect himself and his partner, they both went home to be with their loved ones at the end of their workday.

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