Roseanne Barr Says Her TV Daughter Delivered Stab in the Back Before Cancellation of Show


Roseanne Barr accused her former TV daughter actress Sara Gilbert of stabbing her in the back this week during an interview with Megyn Kelly.

The former star of the ABC sitcom “Roseanne” did not hold back when she was asked by Kelly on Wednesday about how she was canceled by Hollywood in 2018 over critical tweets she posted about the Obama administration.

One tweet about Valerie Jarrett drew accusations of racism that Barr denied were racist, the Associated Press reported.

While she apologized the 2018 revival of “Roseanne” was quickly canceled. The show was replaced by the spinoff series “The Connors” the next season.

Barr told Kelly that Gilbert, who played her daughter Darlene on “Roseanne” from 1988 to 1997, betrayed her and even joined a campaign online to cancel her.

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Gilbert was a producer on the reboot and Barr said the actress and talk show host had begged her to return for the reboot.

Barr said Gilbert had assured her she would be there for her no matter what if she came back and that she also acknowledged beforehand that she had been struggling with mental health issues.

But when Barr was attacked for her tweets, Gilbert joined in and condemned her.

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Gilbert posted about the controversy on Twitter.

“It was her tweet that canceled the show,” Barr said.

Barr said that in addition to Gilbert’s joining the mob, she also spoke negatively about her on her CBS show “The Talk.”

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“It wasn’t enough that she stabbed me in the back, and did what she did to me there, but then she would go on her talk show every day and talk about how shocked she was at my racism on top of it. It was every day,” Barr told Kelly.

Barr said Gilbert only stopped bringing her up on the show after she called her about the issue.

“I called her up and I said, just like this, ‘You better shut your blanking mouth about me. I’m telling you, you better shut your effing mouth.’”

Barr said only after she made the call did Gilbert leave her alone on the show.

She also said she felt ABC was trying to send her a message when “The Connors” returned to the network but with her character having been killed off.

“They just tried to kill me, and I felt like they killed my character and my character,” Barr said of the people at the network.

She concluded, ”I thought they were sending a message over the airwaves because they knew I had mental health issues. I thought they wanted me to kill myself, and all my friends did too. They said they’re trying to push you to suicide.”

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