Rough Weather Pushes Boat Like Toy, Slams It Into Towering Dock Equipment


It may be difficult to tell from the astonishing footage that was captured of the crash, and at least one person commenting on the video referenced the Sandra Bullock movie “Speed 2.” But it wasn’t a terrorist that sent the boat onto a collision course with the dock.

According to Newsweek, it was likely a combination of the tremendous force and power of strong winds and currents that caused the ferry to crash into the dock in Barcelona.

The crash also lead to a crane toppling. But it didn’t stop there. The crash and toppling were followed by an explosion and a fire that engulfed the dock.

It has been reported that it took firefighters approximately three hours to fight the flames. It is believed that hazardous chemicals stored on the dock lead to the explosion and resulting fire.

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Various images posted online show the flames engulfing the dock. Some also show the thick smoke that filled the air.

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Despite the circumstances, Newsweek reported that miraculously there were no injuries or casualties, despite people being onboard the boat and on the dock. Multiple ambulances did respond to the scene, however.

Messing with the weather is no joke when it comes to boating. Strong winds can and have toppled boats, destroyed property and ended lives.

For context, The Weather Channel provided some data as to how powerful the wind was and the size of the ferry.

Carrying passengers and vehicles, the 650-foot ferry was pushed like a toy boat into the dock by a wind gust recorded to be approximately 40 mph in the Barcelona area.

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