Watch: Sarah Sanders Chokes Back Tears Addressing Trump, Jewish Family


Renowned for her toughness, the world got to see a softer side to White House press secretary Sarah Sanders on Monday while she was briefing the media.

Just feet away from her sat people who had been publishing and making ugly commentary about her and President Donald Trump in the aftermath of the horrific tragedy of the shooting in Pittsburgh at the Tree of Life synagogue.

The horror of the tragedy and the ugliness of the media all came to a head as Sanders addressed the room and the nation. How could she help but tear up as she spoke first of the tragedy and then of the great love Trump has for the Jewish community?

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Like so many other false accusations launched at Trump and his staff, more were hurled in the aftermath of the shooting — but this time critics had the audacity to claim the president and his administration don’t care about — or even hate — Jews.

This despite the numerous wonderful things Trump has done for the Jewish community and Israel. This despite the fact his own daughter (Ivanka), son-in-law (Jared Kushner) and their children are all Jewish.

Those in the media have done themselves no favors with such vileness. They have only added to the distrust and dislike Americans feel toward them with such blatant ugliness and falsehoods.

Do you believe Sarah Sanders was being sincere?

Particularly in the wake of tragedies like the one in Pittsburgh, and particularly while so many are grieving.

In the comment section of ABC News’ tweet of Sanders’ emotional moment, there was a mix of more vileness from the left and support from the right. Supporters of the president took aim at the way the shooting has been politicized and used to attack Trump, who had nothing to do with it.

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But the Pittsburgh shooting is not the only example of the media being vile and blaming Sanders and Trump. Last week, Sanders called out CNN for such behavior following Wednesday’s mail-bomb scares, which the network suggested were motivated by the president’s rhetoric.

Sanders also said the media’s attacks against conservatives have divided the nation.

For some, it is no longer about truth, but partisanship. As long as the media and others on the left can be negative about Trump and his administration, facts don’t matter any more.

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