Scam Leaves Mother of 2 Out $600 & Without a Car. 'Angel' Steps In & Gives Her Car for Free


After falling for a devious online scam, a Canadian couple has had their faith in humanity restored thanks to the kindness of a complete stranger.

Nathan and Madison Donovan, who live in Moncton, Canada, were doing all they could to regain control of their finances.

They didn’t want to remain on public assistance, they wanted to stand on their own two feet and support themselves and their two young boys.

Nathan was involved in a very serious car accident in 2010, leaving him with a broken back and unable to work.

The couple needed a reliable vehicle so that Madison could get to work at her overnight job at a call center. Since public transportation does not run during the night, the couple sought a car loan to purchase their own vehicle.

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“It would get us up out of the hole we’re in,” Nathan told CBC News.

The couple applied for a $7,000 loan with an online lending company, who told them to send $600 for collateral so they could be approved.

Excited and hopeful at the prospect of finally getting a car, the couple sent the company the money.

But the loan never came, and the company’s fake website was removed two days later. Nathan and Madison were sickened when they realized they’d been scammed.

Nathan said he and Madison were blinded by hope “to be able to work and not to be on assistance.”

“So I think it was the hope that kind of blinded us to the reality that this was a scam.”

Wanting to warn others about the loan company scam, Nathan called CBC News to report the story.

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He never expected his story to reach the ears of a complete stranger, who would decide to give the couple a car he’d been planning to sell.

Denis LeBlanc had a car for sale. But nobody was biting for the price he wanted, and it occurred to him that perhaps he should just give his car away to this couple that was clearly in need.

LeBlanc spoke with his wife about the idea, and she agreed that giving the car away was the right thing to do.

Nathan said he was in disbelief when LeBlanc contacted him to say he could have his car.

It wasn’t long before Nathan was driving away in the 2007 Volkswagen Jetta, which he says has been life-changing for his family.

“Madison is working full time and we are no longer on assistance, which was our goal,” Nathan told CBC. “We have a renewed sense of hope not only in our financial future but in our fellow man.”

LeBlanc said that giving away the vehicle has made a lasting impression on his kids, as they saw firsthand the joy of giving to those in need.

“They were like, ‘So we didn’t get any money for this, Dad?’ And I go, ‘No, sometimes it’s just the right thing to do,’ and they were like, ‘Yeah, that’s a good idea Dad.”

LeBlanc is thrilled to have played a role in helping a fellow family get back on their feet. Sometimes, you just need a helping hand.

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