Screaming Woman Hands Cop Her Child on Side of Road. Cop Sees Toddler's Eyes and Knows


Border Patrol Agent Jed Eckler didn’t expect to act heroically on his way home from work.

He was off-duty when he saw the car pulled over on State Route 92 in Arizona.

A man was waving his arms, frantically requesting help from passing cars. Eckler stopped to see what the problem was.

A woman came rushing towards his patrol car, screaming in broken English, “Help my baby!”

She handed the 2-year-old to Eckler, who knew what he had to do.

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“His eyes were rolled in the back of his head and he was secreting from his mouth,” Eckler said.

“I did a quick assessment … I used my training and I put him down on the ground and noticed he wasn’t breathing.”

Eckler picked up the boy and gave him “two quick breaths,” but nothing happened. The boy still wasn’t responding.

Again, Eckler breathed into the boy’s mouth — hoping this would be enough to bring him back. Finally, he heard the boy snort and Eckler sighed in relief.

After rubbing the boy’s back and stomach until he regained consciousness, Eckler got on the radio and requested an ambulance on the scene.

They arrived quickly and transported the boy to a local hospital for further treatment.

“I was terrified,” Eckler said of the ordeal, which is understandable. One minute he was heading home from work, the next he was handed a toddler and told to save his life.

“When I heard that little snort from his nose it was like the best sound I ever heard in my life,” Eckler told KGUN9-TV. “I was just so excited and his eyes came to and he started, focuses a little bit…I was ecstatic.”

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Eckler, who has been a border patrol agent for 17 years, is glad that his CPR and first aid training was enough to get him through this ordeal.

“I don’t know who was more happy when the baby came to — me or them,” he said.

“It was such a relief on my brain.” Thankfully Eckler was there to save this poor boy’s life — otherwise, this story could have had a devastating ending.

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