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Security Camera Captures Moment Alleged Burglar Is Chased Off by Coyote


With the darkness of night working in his favor, an alleged burglar approached a row of parked cars in a California neighborhood.

The man wore a small backpack and was out of the camera’s view, creating the illusion that all was calm and quiet in the neighborhood.

But once he did emerge, the man was clearly startled and distressed, running past the cars while looking over his shoulder.

The reported thief may or may not have already broken into other vehicles, but thanks to a creature that was hot on his trail, he did not have a chance to vandalize the car owned by Cristy Trujillo’s stepdad.

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Trujillo posted video of the security camera footage, which showed the man darting out from behind the parked car and running away.

He was followed by what looked like a medium-sized dog with glowing eyes and a particularly fluffy tail. But a closer look at that long, narrow face reveals it was not actually a dog, but a coyote on the prowl.

Anyone who has been startled by a wild animal, particularly one with sharp teeth, knows that familiar feeling of shock and adrenaline combined with a fight-or-flight response.

The coyote, typically nocturnal, may have been just as startled to see a human quietly poking about in the middle of the night, a sight that may have triggered the coyote’s pursuit of the man.

Coyotes generally would rather avoid humans, meaning this one was probably ill, particularly bold or feeling threatened — a behavior that worked in Trujillo’s favor.

“This thief was in the process of breaking into my step dads car and out of nowhere comes a coyote to the rescue!” Trujillo wrote on Facebook.

“Who’s scared now?” she wrote.

There is no information about what happened to the alleged burglar, but based on the available footage, he hid out behind a car in the driveway for a while.

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The coyote remained on high alert for several moments, ears perked up to detect any additional threats. It circled around the line of cars, but it’s impossible to tell how the standoff ended.

It seems the coyote thwarted the man’s potentially criminal intentions, putting the would-be thief into a tricky situation and preventing any major crime from taking place.

Liftable, a section of the Western Journal, has reached out to Cristy Trujillo for comment but has not yet received a response. We will update this article if and when we do.

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