Served by Masked Staff, Pelosi & Unmasked DCCC Donors Enjoy Garden Party in Napa


“Rules for thee, but not for me,” remains the elitist motto a year and a half into the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re tired of the double standards, we’re tired of hearing the same politicians who live life as usual while telling us to continue to alter our lifestyles to suit their rules. And we’re especially tired of the draconian mandate culture coming to life before our eyes.

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is no stranger to COVID hypocrisy, and she’s still going strong with it — even amid the rampant spread of the fearsome, more highly contagious delta variant.

Just take a look at this video shared in a tweet from New York Times reporter Kenneth Vogel on Sunday, which shows Pelosi — a woman who requires masks for members of Congress and visitors to the House side of the Capitol — speaking to the entirely maskless group present at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee retreat in Napa Valley, California.

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The footage pans over the crowd, showing long, decorated tables surrounded by DCCC members packed nearly shoulder-to-shoulder as masked wait staff scurry about.

To no one’s surprise, Pelosi is maskless too.

Journalist and political commentator Glenn Greenwald shared Vogel’s tweet shortly after, attaching the caption: “All the servants fully masked. The almost-entirely old, white, rich crowd of DCCC donors free to go maskless as they’re served.”

The observation isn’t his alone, nor should it be.

At this point, we should all be outraged to see the same people who demand that we stay at home, present vaccination cards for services or entry into businesses, wear masks and remain socially distanced from those around us are doing little of these — if any.

Sure, we can suspect — considering the Dems’ adamant vaccine push — that nearly everyone present at the DCCC event had been vaccinated.

However, in too many places, there are no exceptions for the everyday Americans who have done the same.

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Now, in some Democratic-run jurisdictions, masks are being enforced on the unvaccinated and the vaccinated — and it’s making people ask … what are these vaccines actually preventing?

Still, that cannot distract from the DCCC’s elitist display that’s been the cause of so much spite and dissent among everyday people.

We don’t like being told what to do — how (or how far) to stand around others, how we can’t be trusted to use our own discretion regarding our personal health, how to breathe, even.

Do you think the Democratic elite holds themselves to different standards than the rest of the country?

But our disdain for control comes from being controlled — not from ranking among the controllers.

Did Pelosi and the rest of the DCCC elitists ever give pause to the idea that the event’s servants could contract COVID from them for remaining maskless (I’m not saying they would; I’m simply posing the argument they’ve tried to make and am applying it to this question).

The leftist elite’s concerns regarding COVID seem to extend far beyond themselves in the most convenient way.

Perhaps, as I mentioned, every guest in attendance had already been fully vaccinated and they realize how freeing it is to parade around without the same masks they tell everyone else to wear.

In the minds of too many Democrats, everyday Americans don’t deserve that luxury.

That much is obvious from the way we’re admonished for making our own personal choices, for reading scientifically based articles that pose claims that are different from the Centers for Disease Control’s standard, or for telling our employers “no thank you” when asked if we want to receive the controversial jabs.

It is time to call out the governmental elitists for their hypocrisy, for promoting the same policies they feel free to discard whenever they wish.

In the elite mind, rules are for servants.

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