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Shoe Store Owner Gets Last Laugh on Thieving Gang - Security Footage Shows Their Crime May Be Worthless


Chad Steward, the owner of Laced Connection, has only been in business for about a year.

The entrepreneurial businessman seems to have done his due diligence in terms of taking wise precautions to protect his products.

The types of high-end footwear that he sells include Nikes, Air Jordans, Adidas, and Yeezys, according to The Blaze.

Unfortunately, in spite of all his efforts, Steward’s store was still burglarized and robbed back on Oct. 28, according to a Fort Worth Police Department report.

The surveillance video from his store shows the rapid actions of the crooks searching, pulling boxes off of shelves, and bagging up what they wanted.

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They went through quite the effort to get through the many security measures that Steward put in place.

“I think they came through this fenced area over here. They originally came over here to this bathroom window,” Steward told KDFW in a video interview.

He reasoned that they must have either kicked the window or punched it, which broke the glass, but they weren’t able to get in.

Do you think that these thieves will have a hard time selling 1 shoe?

That particular location would have been a back way into the store.

So they moved on to a door.

“It was two double padlocks. They had to of have taken a crowbar,” Steward said.

That door only led to a back room with some of his stock, and not to the actual showroom. That part of the store was protected by another steel gate.

“It would have taken them a good while to get into this part of the store. I’m thankful I had the preventatives I did,” Steward said.

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When the three thieves finally paused long enough in the surveillance video to look inside the boxes, that was when they got surprised by yet another of Steward’s security measures.

There was only one right shoe in each box.

“I had bars, security alarms from day one. I talked to previous people I knew in this industry that had stores, and they told me that’s one of the most important things to prevent things like this,” Steward said.

When the thieves realized there was only one shoe in each box, they still took off with what they had.

In the end, they still got away with thousands in merchandise.

Steward has posted the surveillance video on his Instagram page, in the hopes that it will help with catching the thieves.

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