Stop Releasing Dangerous Immigrants to the People: States File Motion to Halt ICE Limitations


Arizona and Montana have asked an Arizona federal court to block interim guidance issued by the Department of Homeland Security that slashes the deportations and arrests Immigration and Customs Enforcement is allowed to make when it comes to dangerous illegal aliens.

In a motion for a preliminary injunction filed Thursday, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen argued the DHS guidance issued in February endangers all Americans by pausing the arrests and deportations of potentially criminal illegal aliens.

While the interim advisory’s purported aim was to prevent ICE from arresting non-violent criminals, in reality, the agency has been forced to let scores of accused murderers, rapists and kidnappers roam free in the United States.

The result has been a 50 percent drop in ICE deportations and arrests, Brnovich said in a statement Friday.

“In addition to slashing arrests and deportations, the new policy has forced the release of potentially dangerous individuals into Arizona communities,” the attorney general said.

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“It is illegal and unconscionable for the federal government to force the release of dangerous criminals into Arizona communities when they are required to be deported by statute. Upholding the rule of law and preserving public safety must always come before any political or special interest group agendas.”

The district court has scheduled a May 27 hearing on the matter.

Brnovich said refusing to enforce longstanding immigration laws is part of the Biden administration’s plan to encourage mass illegal immigration by decriminalizing illegal border crossings and incentivizing migrants to flood the country with promises of taxpayer-funded free stuff.

“The Biden administration has essentially decriminalized people coming over,” Brnovich told Fox News.

“They’ve incentivized people coming over by dropping the public charge rule and giving all these government benefits, like housing and health care and child care to people. And they’re literally spending tens of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to house folks. And this has led to this crisis.”

Brnovich said Democrats pretend that letting hordes of illegal aliens sneak into the country is a humanitarian thing to do, when it actually makes migrants vulnerable to being victimized by predatory human smugglers.

It also endangers the safety of all Americans because potentially dangerous migrants eventually fan out across the country.

“And I keep saying, this is not only a crisis, it is going to be a tragedy. We are going to end up with a terrible event,” he warned.

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“I know as a prosecutor when you release criminals, rapists, murderers, when you have hundreds of thousands of people coming into our country every year — people apprehended on the terrorist watch lists — this is not going to stay in Arizona. This is a nationwide problem, and it’s a ticking time bomb.”

Brnovich noted deportations and arrests have plunged to record lows since Joe Biden was installed as president.

But this was the president’s goal, and something the Biden administration foresaw when it halted wall construction and reversed policies instituted by former President Donald Trump that worked to stem illegal immigration.

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Brnovich, himself the son of a legal immigrant from the former Yugoslavia, said it is unconscionable to foment mass illegal immigration when millions of Americans are unemployed and the country is still struggling through the shutdown-induced recession.

“I’m a first-generation American. My family fled communism,” Brnovich said. “What the Biden administration is doing is demonizing immigrants, they’re undermining a sane immigration policy.

“I don’t know what they’re doing, but having hundreds of thousands of people — millions of people — coming into this country that are being exploited by the cartels, fueling the cartels with our money, is dangerous for everyone — whether you’re Democrat or a Republican.”

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