Story about Seniors with Dementia Brings News Anchor to Tears on TV


In today’s world, every time we turn on the news, there are more terrible stories of deaths and violence. It’s difficult to hear and we keep waiting for that next feel-good story.

As a news anchorman, it must be difficult to be constantly inundated with negativity. Just as many of us who tune into the news, they become numb to yet another horrible story.

But something amazing happened to one anchorman, and those who watched were deeply touched. A story that he was reporting on brought him to tears for the most personal reasons.

It was an inspirational story that focused on the elderly and the power of music. At A.G. Rhodes Health and Rehab Center in Georgia, music therapy was something that was used to help elderly patients and those suffering from dementia.

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The story was airing as the TV anchors watched. The video, showing poignant moments of the elderly and finding a new joy in life, continued.

Rosemary Bowers, a resident of the nursing home and soon to turn 100, used music therapy as part of her daily routine. “Music is part of your soul,” she said.

Though many at the nursing home might not remember what was happening in the moment, when music from their childhood is played, they are transported back in time, a time of happiness and joy.

Music therapist John Abel said, “Music memories last longer than other memories.” For many in the nursing home, especially those with dementia, these are the only memories they have.

It showed group therapy with many elderly calmly sitting in wheelchairs. As one therapist played the guitar, suddenly toes began to tap and hands began to clap. Real joy is seen in those special moments. They were taken back to youth and the memories there.

As the video ended, the anchors began talking about how big the impact of music was in our lives. Suddenly, one anchor, Vinnie Politan, began to cry, unable to speak. He was consoled by those around him.

He talked about the impact that music had in his father’s life. He added that it was so great to see this group of elderly finding joy again through the process of looking back in time.

It was a beautiful story, one to take away the harshness of the world. It was a story to remind us of the journey we are on and the power of the music in our lives.

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