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Stowaway Story: Desperate Migrant Nearly Freezes to Death to Reach 'Racist' USA

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A 26-year-old Guatemalan man stowed away in the wheel well of an airplane in a desperate bid to enter the U.S.

Would he do that to get into a country brimming with white supremacists and built on systemic racism?

The American Airlines flight from Guatemala City, Guatemala, touched down in Miami on Saturday, according to WTVJ-TV.

Willard Shepard, a WTVJ investigator and pilot, said that according to flight data, the temperature in the wheel well dropped by about 100 degrees during the flight.

“So this person was in there a time period probably about two hours, where they were subjected to subzero temperatures,” Shepard said.

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In other words, the stowaway is very lucky to be alive. An immigration attorney said he will be detained by the Department of Homeland Security and may face an expedited order of removal.

Since 1947, 129 people have tried to stow away on commercial aircraft, according to WTVJ. Of those 129 desperate souls, approximately 100 of them died. Those are really bad odds.

With leftists constantly depicting the U.S. as an irredeemably racist country, why would anyone come here, especially with a 78 percent chance of dying?

Rep. Ilhan Omar and other members of Congress going so far as to liken the U.S. to terrorists should scare away all immigrants, legal and illegal alike, right?

Who on earth would want to live in this terrible place? No matter how bad the countries are from which immigrants are fleeing, it must be worse here. They’d have to be masochists to subject themselves to such hell.

There were roughly 14.5 million illegal aliens living in the U.S. as of January, according to Breitbart. That’s a lot of masochists.

And they just keep coming. Over 1.5 million illegals have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border so far this year.

Nearly one-third of the migrant women surveyed in a 2017 report from Doctors Without Borders said they had been sexually abused during their journey to the U.S. An incredible 68 percent of all migrants reported that they had been victims of violence while making their way here.

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If what the leftists say about this country is true, it’s only going to get worse for the poor souls who have managed to cross the border. They are now at the mercy of savage white supremacists.

So why do they keep coming?

Because what the left says about America is a lie, and the whole world knows it.

The radical left hates America. Leftists applaud open borders because they hope to overwhelm the system in the chaos caused by a flood of illegal aliens, some of whom are criminals of the worst kind.

This stowaway risked it all for a chance to pursue the American dream. He doesn’t hate America. He knows he has a better chance here than anywhere on earth.

Illegal aliens are coming here in droves because the Biden administration, for nefarious reasons of its own, is encouraging them to do so.

Many of these desperate people are fleeing socialism and will fight with everything they have for freedom.

I wonder if the radical left has figured that into its plans.

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Jack Gist is an award-winning writer who has published essays, poetry and fiction in Catholic World Report, First Things, The Imaginative Conservative, New Oxford Review and others.
Jack Gist is an award-winning writer who has published essays, poetry and fiction in Catholic World Report, First Things, The Imaginative Conservative, New Oxford Review and others.