Stranger Stops at Scene of Accident and Holds Dying Teen Until EMTs Arrive


How many times have we driven past a terrible car accident, hoping that everyone involved was okay. It can be a devastating scene to witness as we say our silent prayer.

In the face of one tragic accident, a stranger brought comfort to a grieving father. It was a caring stranger who stopped upon witnessing a horrific car accident, a man who knew he had to do something.

Rachel Lofaso, just 16 years old, was driving with her boyfriend in Elma, New York, when their vehicle crossed the center line. The car collided with another vehicle.

Close by, a man was driving with his daughter. They were on their way to pick up his daughter’s friend to take both women back to college.

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As they came upon the collision, the man decided to stop and try to help. He found Rachel, still breathing but non-responsive, and took her in his arms.

“The only thing that comforts me is knowing somebody was holding her,” her father Fred LoFaso later said.

“He held her,” he continued, “and he was helping her breathe.” He learned of the stranger’s kindness through social media and received a phone call from him shortly after.

The stranger asked not to be identified but was able to talk with LoFaso, giving him details of the experience. “He told me he doesn’t believe she was in pain,” said LoFaso, after their conversations.

The grieving father also deeply appreciated the fact that the man who had helped his daughter was himself a father.

Though losing his daughter had been heartbreaking, he found solace in the fact that she was not alone. There was also another young man present who tried to help, but he has not been identified either.

After paramedics arrived, Rachel was taken to the hospital along with her boyfriend Tony Morganti. She later passed away at the hospital.

The other four involved in the accident survived. Though the LoFaso family was grieving, Rachel’s mother Cynthia was worried about someone else.

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She made a visit to Morganti while he was in the hospital, concerned about his well-being. “I know what we’re going through. I can’t imagine what he’s going through,” she said.

She knew that he would be heartbroken as well.

But one family will be forever grateful to the brave stranger who stopped to comfort their daughter. “What a difference beautiful people like that can make in someone’s life,” said LaFaso, finding the silver lining.

LoFaso hopes to one day meet his daughter’s comforter, saying, “It means everything to me. It just means everything.”

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