Student Leaves Teacher Screaming in Agony After Unleashing Pepper Spray When He Took Her Phone


A shocking video has emerged of a high school student pepper spraying a teacher in the face after he confiscated her phone.

The incident took place at a school in Antioch, Tennessee, and began when the teacher confiscated the phone of a female student. The video began immediately following the student pepper spraying the teacher, who ran out of the classroom.

Meanwhile, one of the shocked students yelled, “She just maced the teacher! Nah.”

The student recording then followed the teacher and the female student out of the classroom into the hallway, where the teacher told another teacher that the student pepper sprayed him.

The student then attempted to grab the phone from him before pepper spraying him again. He then fell to the floor screaming in agony while shocked students and teachers looked on. The female student then said, “Can I get my phone? Can I get my phone? I need my phone!”

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The teacher stood up and coughed from the pepper spray, while the student continued to ask if she could have her phone back. The teacher told her that she could not.

Undeterred, the student kept asking if she could get her phone back while the teacher continued to cough from the pepper spray.

Do you think students respect teachers today?

According to Fox News, following the incident, the student involved received disciplinary action, and a police report was filed.

It is absolutely shocking and saddening to see this type of behavior become commonplace in American schools today, but given the decline of American education, it is hardly surprising.

Students are no longer learning in school anymore. Instead, they are playing on their phones and goofing off with their classmates, with little or no rule enforcement from school administrators.

In this case, the teacher did enforce the rules in order to ensure that the girl was paying attention in class. But when he did so, the student showed a complete disregard for the authority of the teacher.

Whatever happened to students respecting their elders? Only a few decades ago, scenes like this would have been unheard of in American schools. Our grandparents would probably be shocked if they walked through the average public school today.

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It does make sense, however, that these sad scenes would be commonplace, given the state of American society more broadly.

The dominant leftist cultural orthodoxy absolves people of any personal responsibility for their actions, and that mindset is reinforced through things such as “soft-on-crime” policies that let criminals get away with their actions.

If these are the messages coming from our political leaders, no wonder American high school students feel justified in their bad behavior.

Society needs to start teaching children that actions have consequences and to hold children accountable for their actions; otherwise, we will continue to see incidents like this in schools again and again.

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