Studies: Conservatives Treat People More Equally Than Liberals Do


The findings of multiple recent studies show conservatives may actually treat people more equally than liberals, despite what the left desperately tries to portray.

In a February blog post on Psychology Today, author Cory Clark reported on the findings of experiments that tested the way people treat others based on their political ideology. The studies largely suggested liberals treat people more unequally than conservatives on the basis of gender, race and more.

“[T]wo sets of studies by two different research teams found that participants evaluated science on sex differences more favorably when women were portrayed more favorably than men (as better drawers and less prone to lying and as more intelligent) than when men were portrayed more favorably than women,” Clark wrote.

In each of those studies, the reactions were stronger in liberal participants.

Another study revealed liberals would typically “amplify the successes of female and Black athletes” instead of those of white and male athletes. Meanwhile, conservatives would treat both successes similarly.

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One study suggested white liberals also “presented less self-competence” when interacting with black people as opposed to white people, while white conservatives treated both parties similarly.

Liberals, in another study, were also shown to want to censor texts portraying “low-status groups” poorly as opposed to texts portraying “high-status groups” poorly, while conservatives treated both more equally.

Liberals in one study were also found to offer more forgiving acceptance criteria to black students applying to enter honor societies as opposed to white students.

As Clark concluded, the results of these studies “may lead one to wonder whether the relationships between ideology and egalitarianism are more complicated than certain mainstream narratives suggest.”

Are conservatives more equality-minded than liberals?

And yet, the studies Clark cited seem to have already answered this question.

Conservatives, by and large, are often Christian. According to the Pew Research Center, 85 percent of conservatives in the United States belong to some denomination of Christianity, while 70 percent of conservatives place extremely strong importance on religion.

It makes sense, then, that the children of Christian conservatives would learn about and place strong importance on values like Biblical equality, where the responses in these studies could have easily stemmed from.

These studies also demonstrate something that has become more and more apparent as the left becomes more and more extreme — leftists don’t actually want equality. They want supremacy.

Liberals, as these studies show, display their warped view of equality by making minorities, the poor, and women “more equal” than white people, men, and the rich.

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And yet, this is what the mainstream media has convinced so many to believe is true equality.

Unfortunately, though, these studies and others like them will likely fall on deaf ears. Liberals, being the “equality” crusaders they are, will likely dismiss them as another part of the racist machine they find so prevalent in the United States.

Meanwhile, conservatives will be encouraged by the findings.

While liberals will continue to push their thinly-veiled racism, conservatives will move forward treating others as they would have others treat them, echoing the Biblical command given to Christians in Matthew 7:12.

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