Teacher Turns Whistleblower After 17 Kids 'Tricked' into Changing Gender


She was told to not let parents and other teachers know if students expressed a belief that they were transgender.

What she saw happening was a vulnerable segment of the school’s students being “tricked” into believing they were.

And she hasn’t stayed quiet about it. She’s taking a stand.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, 17 children at one British school are currently at some stage in the process of changing their gender. A whistleblowing teacher, identified only as “Carol” due to fear of reprisals, told the newspaper that most of the students undergoing those changes are autistic.

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The teacher told the Daily Mail said that most of the students do not have gender dysphoria –the medical term for individuals’ belief that their true sex is not the one they were born with. She said the students were young people led to believe they are the wrong gender because they are “easily influenced.”

She points, in part, to politicians and schools that have bought the goods sold to them by liberal activists regarding transgenderism and related issues. She also mentioned students “mimicking” the transgender “stars” they see on YouTube.

But that isn’t the only influence at work. The teacher said that while children who “come out” as gay may be bullied, those who identify openly as transgender may actually be “idolized” by their peers.

Do you believe only adults should be allowed to take drugs or have surgery in order to change gender?

And for the younger ones, it’s a way of finding acceptance, she said.

“They are just young people with mental health problems who have found an identity and want to be part of a group of like-minded people,” she said.

Not all politicians are following the crowd. Conservative Member of Parliament David Davies publicly lauded the teacher for her courage in speaking up.

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In The Daily Mail article, the rest of his quote reads, “Parents are not told about this and there is no way of challenging these pupils who are convinced by others that they have a problem they almost certainly do not have. Tragically, the end result could be irreversible surgical procedures. This is scandalous.”

“Carol” asked to be kept anonymous due to fear of being fired. It’s something she says other teachers and administrators may also fear and it is keeping them from also speaking up about the problem.

And the problem isn’t just at this one school. In the article, the Daily Mail article noted that earlier this year, approximately one-third of children referred to the only gender identity clinic for children in Britain’s National Health Service had been found to have “moderate to severe autistic traits.”

This resulted in 150 autistic youth being given puberty-blocking drugs. And the next step on that path is surgery.

For many, the U.K. is a forewarning of what could be ahead for the United States if Americans don’t start waking up. This assault on autistic children is a warning of how those pushing an agenda will stop at nothing, including using vulnerable children, to further their goals.

The narrative has become a weapon used even by students against teachers. One example “Carol” gave was of teaching students about menstruation, only to have a student — born a girl but who now identifies as male — take aim at her for not saying that “boys” can also have periods.

Offense is quickly taken, against language, pronouns, and not being “inclusive” enough. It’s a tool the left uses, here and across the pond, for punishment in the form of harassment, job loss and more.

If the United States is not careful, a spike in children undergoing life-changing transformations may occur all in the name of the left’s narrative.

Without reason and courage utilized by the adults, the vulnerable will be at risk.

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